Wednesday, August 19, 2009


A Purple Favre
An original poem by David Morgan

A Circus, a scandal, an utter outrage
A gray-bearded man, thirty-nine years of age
Signed by the Vikings for an eight-figure wage
I feel really bad for Tarvaris and Sage;

12 million bucks to hand off to AP
And throw a few picks - how hard can that be?
Indecisiveness leads to idiocy
Favre is a Viking; how can this be?

Sixteen years as a Packer and one as a Jet,
Retirement led him to total regret
We thought he was finished, but he wasn’t done yet!
What in the world are you thinking, Brett?

We knew this was coming, but I’m still surprised
His dignity and loyalty are now compromised,
The media is making this so sensationalized
From hero to villain, from loved to despised

Retire, unretire, it’s become a routine
This whole situation is completely obscene
Favre’s wearing purple, he should be in green!
The man who loves Wranglers: Real. Comfortable. Jeans.

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