Tuesday, February 16, 2010

16 days

hey guys
now that football season is over it has been 16 days since my last post. i feel bad. i'd like to write some stuff about the pistons but they're so pathetic i don't even want to think about them.

the nba trade deadline is this thursday. was hoping to see Bosh or Ray Allen get traded but it doesnt look likely. Caron Butler went to Dallas and Marcus Camby is now on Portland, and both of those trades may end up being more meaningful than people realize when the West playoffs roll around. especially Camby giving portland the center and rebounder they needed so badly. that could be huge in the playofs against bigs like gasol, duncan and dirk.

this trade also opens the door for blake griffin ato start next season for the clips and gives them a pass-first point guard in steve blake off the bench, something they need. as for washington, they traded one slacker (butler) for another (josh howard) and lost a viable center (haywood) in the process. they should be better off financially but they still have giblert arenas' ludacris contract dangling over their heads like the sword of damacles and dopey flip saunders calling the plays, so don't look for them to be a playoff contender for another 4-5 years.

rumors are swirling that amare stoudemire is leaving phoenix in the next two days, and it sounds like its either cleveland or miami. i'll believe it when i see it. the dude is athletic and scary-looking, but ultimately kind of harmless in the paint . i dont think he makes either team much better to be honest, nor does he keep lebron in cleveland or keep d-wade from taking the highest $$ offer.

ummm... what else? the all star game was decent. the dunk contest was wretched.

oh, it sounds like corey maggette might be going to the cavs if they cant get amare. that would be pretty big if you ask me. partly because the cavs need another scorer, and partly because the addition of maggette would severely cripple lebron's chances of keeping up 30 ppg and thus not winning the scoring title and allowing durant (or maybe carmelo) to take the title.

which would be great for two reasons:
1 - i love Durant and would love to see him win the scoring title, and
2- that would mean lebron has only 1 scoring title after 7 seasons in the league
(by comparision, michael jordan had 7 scoring titles in his first 8 seasons, and the one year he didnt win it (his rookie year) he scored the most points in the nba but didnt have the highest average. by contrast, the one time lebron did win a scoring title he did NOT score the most points in the league. of the 10 times MJ won a scoring title, he always scored the most points as well. all that to say, stop comparing lebron to MJ people.)

nothing else to say except that LOST is on tonight and its going to be a good one.

last week sucked because it was a Kate episode. this week is a John Locke, called "The Substitute." we've seen episodes called 'the constant' and 'the variable' already and they've both been focused on time travel and the question of linear timelines. will this week be when we see why there are suddenly two timelines and how they're connected? will locke in timeline A be healed from paralysis? will locke in timeline B come back to life? is sayid now the black smoke monster? is claire? where is locke taking richard? will sun and jin finally reunite this week? what about desmond? and aaron? and is jacob really dead?

a lot of questions. hopefully we'll see some answers this week.

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