Wednesday, July 6, 2011

NFL Preview

Started working on a monstrous NFL Preview ... got about halfway through and started getting bored. Rather than write a half-assed attempt, I think I'll wait until this lockout really gets settled, and then wait for the free agency frenzy to start. I could wax eloquently about the Ravens (12-4) or the Giants (8-8) or Texans (5-11), but once free agency hits, everything changes.

For Detroit, there are two priorities: 1) fill your needs, 2) get a star on defense.

Obviously Nnamdi Asomugha is the guy we desperately need and want. He'll be looking for a humongous deal, which probably puts us out of the running, but if William Clay Ford is thinking about winning NOW instead of continuing the rebuilding process, he's got to open up the wallet and bring in Nnamdi. At the least, he brings 2 or 3 victories single-handedly. I think he locks us into the playoffs.

Even if we fall short of the Asomugha sweepstakes (we probably will), there are tons of talented football players just waiting for the lockout to end so they can get signed. Detroit needs at least two linebackers and at least one cornerback, and would be wise to get some depth on the offensive line and at safety. It wouldn't hurt to get a veteran possession receiver, maybe a young kicker who can boot the ball 50+ yards (sorry Jason Hanson, I love you, but it's over), and heck, how about a quarterback who doesn't suck.

According to all the experts, the lockout should end within a week. Then the frenzy begins, and I start furiously writing some preview/predictions/fantasy stuff. Go Lions, I can't wait for football season so I can stop suffering through the retarted Tigers. On the positive side, at least Leyland is one step closer to being fired after last night's embarassing shutout.

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