Monday, August 22, 2011

Fantasy Football Overload

Last year, you might remember that I was in 12 fantasy football leagues. Two were with people I know and I genuinely cared about winning. The other 10 were mock drafts that got saved into my favorites and I ended up updating the rosters all season. Turns out it only takes 5 minutes a week to be competitive in most leagues.

This year, I upped the ante a little bit. I'm currently in 13. Three of them are for real, and 10 are for kicks. Most of the non-competitive ones I have let the computer pick for me, and made a few minor changes afterwards, such as dropping the second kicker. Why do they always draft you two kickers? My goal has been to experiment with as many interesting fantasy league possibilities as I can find. My 3 primary leagues (the A league, the B league, and the Cornerstone league) are pretty standard. 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 flex, 1 DST, and normal scoring. The C-stone league has a PPR factor, and I may have over-responded by taking Davonne Bess, Danny Amendola, Darren Sproles, CJ Spiller, and other guys who only have value in PPR formats.

The other 10 leagues (6 ESPN, 4 Yahoo) are all unique and insane. Here's the quick recap:

ESPN 1 - Michigan Monsters: you start 2 QB, 4 WRs, and 10 IDP (individual defensive players).

ESPN 2 - Morgan Mania: normal roster plus an extra flex, PPR league.

ESPN 3 - Morgan Mayhem: 3 RB, 3 WR, 2 TE, 5 flex, 8 IDPs, 1 punter, and 1 head coach. Punters get points for inside the 20 and net yards; head coaches get big points for big wins, little points for little wins, and negative points for losing. I got Lovie Smith. Ugh.

ESPN 4 - Morgan Monkeys: Normal, but you get a 5-point bonus for 100 rushing, 100 receiving , or 300 passing yards, plus a 2-point bonus for any play longer than 40 yards. Also a PPR league.

ESPN 5 - Morgan Mouse: I created this one. 2 QB, 2 RB, 4 WR, 3 flex, 11 IDP, 2 DST, 1 head coach, larger bench, and normal scoring.

ESPN 6 - Morgan Marsupials: Again, 2 RB, 2 WR, and 5 flex. Lots of flex players seems to be the trend this year.

Yahoo 1 - Morgan Matrix: 3 flex, 3 IDP, only 8 total teams. Lots of yardage bonuses.

Yahoo 2 - Morgan Militia: 2 QB, 4 WR, PPR. Drafted a darn good team, with Charles and McCoy, then Jennings, Colston, Gates, Best, Manningham, Fred Jackson and Steve Johnson. Only weakness is QB - Stafford and Cutler.

Yahoo 3 - Morgan Machine: 2 QB, 5 WR, PPR, point per completion, yardage bonuses, and the best part, only 4 teams in the league. My first five picks were Vick, Chris Johnson, Ray Rice, Brady, and Roddy White. Should be highly entertaining if nothing else.

Yahoo 4 - Morgan Masterpiece: 4 WRs and 12 IDPs. Took Suh in the 5th round just to make sure I got him. I own Suh in 4 of the 5 IDP leagues and in the one I don't own him, I just offered Dez Bryant for him.

So that's the update. Not sure why I do this kind of crazy stuff, but I'm pretty sure everyone in the NFL is on at least one of my rosters. And the guy I own the most, I'm pretty sure is Rashad Jennings. I've been picking him up on waivers all over the place. I don't have much confidence in MJD's knees.

That's it for now ... I'm working on the final picks and will have them up by Septemberish.

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