Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Week 3 Wrap Up

Picks: 10-6 this week. What I'm more happy about is that 4 of my 6 wrong picks were very close.

I specifically said that I thought the Lions would end up winning by 3, but I picked them to cover the 3.5. Of course they won by 3. In fact, if you reread my Lions prediction, I called the game exactly: "Lions fall behind, come back, then hang on, for a 24-20 win."

I also had dead-on analysis of the CAR-JAC and CLE-MIA games, picking both winners correctly but missing both spreads. Lastly, I anticipated the Steelers' struggles against the Colts Sunday night, but dumbly picked them to cover the 10 point spread anyway. I even called the second half defensive TD.

Of my 10 correct calls, only 2 or 3 of them were luck. I nailed the Baltimore blowout, the Tampa win by 3, the Seattle upset at home, the Packers blowout on the road, the Jets struggling without Nick Mangold, the Saints covering the 4 points, and the Chargers not blowing out the Chiefs like they should have. I forgot to make Upset and Lock and Survivor picks, but if I had, it would have been:

Lock - Pats
Upset - Seattle
Survivor - Green Bay (not San Diego because I already used them; you can only use a team once)

So on the season, I am
Overall: 23-22-3 (35-13 straight up)
Lock: 1-2
Upset: 2-1
Survivor: 3-0
Lions: 1-2 (but 3-0 straight up)

Pretty happy to be back over .500.

My fantasy week was crappy, except for two big wins. I won the B League with a 135 point masterpiece. I won the PPR Cornerstone league thanks to some brilliant games by Steve Johnson and Jimmy Graham. But I lost the A League (the money league) by 1 point, because Dez Bryant couldn't get an extra 7 yards on Monday night. What a disaster. I'm now 1-2 but have scored the third most points overall. I've lost on consecutive Mondays. It sure as heck would have helped if Antonio Gates didn't sit out. AGAIN. Freaking Evan Moore wasn't much of an addition at tight end. The other guys I considered picking up were Dickson and Cooley. I would be 2-1 if I had gone with either of them.

Oh well. I went 5-5 in the inconsequential leagues. In one larger league I was clairvoyant enough to play Torrey Smith, who got me 38 points.

I'm going to delete one of the leagues - it's the dumbest thing I've ever seen. 20 teams in the league, and you start 15 offensive players ... it's just way too big. I was forced to start the following players this weekend: Kerry Collins, Michael Spurlock, Delone Carte, Tandon Doss ... I'm 0-3 and my 1st round pick (Peyton) is out for the year, and now I lost Kenny Britt for the year. Goodbye Morgan Mayhem. I will not miss you.

This week the Lions go for 4-0 in Dallas. It's gonna be tough, as back-to-back road games always are. Right now Tony Romo is garnering more hoopla than any middle-of-the-road quarterback ever has, so I'm hoping we can shut him up. More on all that later.

I'm glad I watched the MNF game last night (even if Dez did let me down), because now I can provide a more accurate prediction for the Lions-Cowboys game. The Lions is gonna be close ... probably DAL by 1.

Picks to come soon.

GO LIONS!! 3-0!!!!!!!

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  1. I hate your website. My comments just disappear into the ether. I still don't want any carolina rb's.

    Terra nova - you should check it out. Got some lost-ish vibes. Hopefully it's not too derivative though.

    Person of interest - looks interesting, but I only allow myself two tv shows a week, and right now I'm committed to Castle and Terra Nova.

    Alcatraz is the other one that looks interesting. JJ Abrams, Jorge Garcia, and Mr Jurassic Park himself - Sam Neill.

    By the way, i'm 7-2 in Fantasy football thus far.