Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Through Week 12

Last night's Saints blowout brings me to 89-80-7 ATS on the season, and 116-60 straight-up. By comparison, the most popular sports writer in the world (Bill Simmons) is 88-81-7 and the host of uber-popular is 79-90-7. So I'm just saying. I am pretty sweet.

Also if you just look at straight-up picks, I am currently doing better than Golic, Hoge, Mortenson, Jaworski and Schefter ... basically all 5 of the NFL 'experts' from ESPN. The funny thing is, I feel like I'm having a crappy season picking the games.

And with that, I think I just executed my first successful humblebrag.

Now that the NBA Lockout is over, I'm thinking about writing some sort of NBA preview ... but I'm not sure if anyone cares about the NBA... ? Obviously the Pistons are a worthless burning pile of trash, but the rest of the league is riveting. Dwight Howard could literally end up on the Lakers, Nets, Bulls, Magic, or possibly a few others. And Chris Paul is a complete unknown too. He might go to the Knicks to create a new Big Three. What about Nash? Will the Mavs come out smoking again? Are the Spurs and Celtics done? Can OKC find their way to the Finals this year? What will D-Rose do as an encore? And most importantly, can the entire league unite once again to accomplish the one and only goal that pure NBA fans care about: keeping LeBron titleless?? There's a lot of intrigue, and I didn't even mention Blake Griffin's soon-to-be-remarkable sophomore season, Kevin Love going for 20 rebounds a night, Kyrie Irving making the Cavs relevant, John Wall transforming into Allen Iverson, and of course, Jimmer.

I don't care how thug-ridden the NBA used to be. Those days are gone, and the 2012 NBA season is going to be epic.

Unless you're a Pistons fan.

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