Monday, March 19, 2012

Where Will Tebow Land? ... And, Does It Matter?

If you haven't heard by now, Peyton Manning is headed to Denver. The only thing about this that surprised me was the contract - apparently 5 years, $90 something million. That's a lot of money and a lot of years for a guy coming off an entire missed season. I was thinking it would be 3 or 4 years and $50-60 million. Maybe Manning was driving up the price by working out with the Niners and Titans. Who knows.

A lot of dominoes will now fall into place; Alex Smith will re-sign with San Fran, Hasselbeck will stay in Tennessee until Jake Locker's ready to go; and of course Kevin Kolb will remain the man in Arizona. Those three teams were never in severe QB turmoil.

But with Matt Flynn signing in Seattle (for significantly less money than I thought he would), two teams are left without a chair. Cleveland and Miami. Of these, Miami has a better current QB with Matt Moore, but both teams want to make a serious move.

And now, there's a new quarterback on the market. He comes with a dysfunctional throwing motion, 200 million fans and the ability to cure diseases with his tears. Yes, that's right, the most popular athlete in American (literally), Tim Tebow, is now completely up for grabs.

But the question is ... who wants to bring the circus to town?

If you like handsomeness and six-game winning streaks, if you like constant references to "my Lord and Savior," and if you really, really, really like attention, then you want to be the team who trades for Tim Tebow.

But if you value completion percentage, third-down conversions, and a general ability to throw the football, you might want to stick with Matt Moore and/or Colt McCoy.

We know the following things to be true:

-Miami loves stars. Their owner, Stephen Ross, loves to mingle with celebrities, including partial-team owners JLo, Venus and Serena, and Gloria Estefan. Ross has unsuccessfully pursued big names like Jim Harbaugh and Peyton Manning in consecutive years.

- Tebow played college football in Florida. He is a god there.

- It's not going to take much. Denver will probably trade him for a 3rd round pick just to get the circus out of town. Maybe less.

- Cleveland could use some excitement. Who the heck likes Cleveland? Clearly not Joakim Noah.

However, he's not necessarily going to be acquired as a starter. A lot of teams (New England comes to mind) might want to bring him in solely as a trick-play guy with the hope of maybe developing him as a passer. If he is as teachable as everyone says, maybe he can figure out how to throw like a real NFL QB. If he does, with his size and intangibles, he could be freaking awesome.

I wouldn't be shocked if something happens soon. I'm sure John Elway wants to get this monkey off his back as soon as possible. My darkhorse guess is KC. Run-first team, good D, could use a quarterback to compete with Cassel. I could also see Oakland making a move for him, or maybe the Jets.

Let's see what happens. Go Lions.

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