Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Super Bowl Pick

Championship round recap:

1-1 straight up
0-2 against the spread
0-2 over/unders


175-89-1 straight up (66.4%)
136-119-2 against the spread (53.4%)
79-74-4 over/unders (52.0%)

Playoff picks are now 8-2 straight-up, but 3-6-1 ATS.  

Somehow I may have underestimated Peyton Manning, and overestimated the affect Jim Harbaugh would have on the NFC Championship.   As far as this Richard Sherman nonsense, I guess I'm grateful that he has taken over for Ndamukong Suh as the most reviled defensive player in the NFL.  As to this debate about whether or not he's a "thug," my opinion is that he's more of a douche bag, not necessarily a thug, but definitely a douche bag. A heck of a cornerback, and pretty entertaining, but he single-handedly made 90% of America want to cheer for the Broncos.  

Unless, Sherman is a total genius, and he did all that psychopath-thuggishness crap to take all the attention off his 25 year old quarterback and let the national media focus on him for 2 weeks so Russell Wilson doesn't get overwhelmed by the spotlight and can just focus on football.  I doubt Sherman is that smart, but at the least that's a pretty convenient byproduct of his douchebaggery.  

I don't have a pick yet for the big game;  I'm leaning toward Denver, for obvious reasons, but waiting to see where the line moves.  It opened at DEN by 2.  I'm thinking by game time it'll be Denver by 3.5 or 4.  I'll probably take the Broncos.  I mean, did you see Peyton Manning this season?  Wouldn't picking against him qualify as "trying too hard to be cute"?  

*EDIT*   - The line is set at DEN by 3, and although 75% of Vegas is taking Denver, the 'sharps' seem to be siding with Seattle.   It's pretty simple:  Denver has the superior QB, Seattle has the better team.  The logical, analytic choice seems to be Seattle, while Denver is the pick for people who don't know much of anything.  Thus, I'm disappointed in myself that I've ended up in the Denver camp.  

I just don't see Peyton Manning finishing his career with only one Super Bowl.   

Broncos 28-24.  
(Over 47) 


In other news, the Draft is beginning to heat up with the Senior Bowl and the scouting frenzy that ensues, and 30 of the teams in full-fledged offseason mode.  Detroit finally has two coordinators (never heard of either of them), and a bunch of meaningless promises from their new coach.  "We'll play smart."    "We'll be relentless."    "We'll protect the football."    Blah blah blah.   Whatever.    Let's just endure two more frustrating years of Stafford so we can move on to the next Era of Incompetence.    

Go Tigers!  

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