Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Hey everyone

a few minutes ago i was thinking "maybe i should get a blog." i like to write stuff, but i don't like to post it on facebook because then who knows what creepo is going to read it. but if i write stuff and no one ever reads it, that's no fun either. so i decided to get a blog. other reasons are that i really like to say the word 'blog', and that people keep telling me i am a pretty good writer and i should write more stuff.

my goal is to create an environment where i can put my uncensored thoughts, no matter who they will be read by, even my mother, and not worry about it. usually when i write anything i think about who will be reading it, and then second guess myself until i don't want to write anymore, and then i just play minesweeper or something. but if you're on my blog, it's my turf. i'll say whatever i want. i might even swear, dammit! but mostly i will probably talk about sports.

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