Saturday, November 21, 2009

Just an Observation...

Because I haven't said much about the 09 Pistons, here is one observation from the early season...

Small-ball didn't work when it was Rip, Stuckey and Iverson. It was a disaster.
This season, small-ball works brilliantly when it's Gordon, Stuckey and Bynum.
Obvious conclusion: Will Bynum is a better player than Allen Iverson right now. I'm dead serious. Better scorer, no. But better all-around player, yes.

In fact, Bynum is probably the second best player on the Pistons right now, behind only Gordon. Villanueva is too inconsistent and Stuckey is too raw and sometimes tenative. Bynum simply makes things happen. He's like a small version of 2004 Ben Wallace - it doesn't make any logical sense, but he just gets the job done.

(In a related story, Iverson is an NBA free agent - he was released by the Grizzlies after just three games because he refused to come off the bench... gee, that sounds familiar - and now that he is available to the general public for a cheap price, absolutely nobody wants him. Not even guard-needy teams like New York and New Jersey. I find this absolutely hilarious.)

All this being said, the Pistons still have to win some games. We can't go 0-4 on this west trip. We still aren't in good position to even make the playoffs. Let's get on a streak or something.

In other news, I saw the second Twiilight movie today. Not sure if I should be embarassed about that. Probably. But it wasn't half-bad. Much better than the first.

Go Lions tomorrow. Beat the stupid Browns, please!!

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