Thursday, January 14, 2010

Playoff Picks: Round Two

Frankly, I’m a little sick of picking NFL games and getting them wrong, especially while at work when I don’t have adequate time to really research the little details of the games. At this point I know all there is to know about each game and each remaining team and all I can do is guess. I made educated, well-founded guessed last week and went 0-4. So really, this is just flip-a-coin kind of crap. I’m not going to write all sorts of long paragraphs when a five year old could pick the games just as well as me.

Here we go …

Cards @ Saints

Like the Saints for a few reasons: the Superdome is intense, Drew Brees is awesome, and the Cards have to travel across the country on a short week of rest after an emotionally-draining OT game in which their defense was shredded. Brees should be able to torch them just as easily as Rodgers did, but I don’t think Warner and Co. will have only 4 incompletions this week, and the Boldin injury may actually matter. New Orleans should be able to send a more effective pass rush at Warner than Green Bay did, and Sharper is a big-time playmaker at safety, something the Packers lacked, especially with Bigby getting hurt early last week. I expect Warner to be rattled by the Saints’ crowd and New Orleans to win big, 38-20.

Cowboys @ Vikings
Funny thing about this game: whichever team loses, they will be considered a failure. Either the Favre-Vikings marriage didn’t work out, or the Cowboys collapsed again in the playoffs. But the thing is, someone has to lose. Which really just isn’t fair. Dallas is playing their best ball of the season right now, smoking the Eagles two weeks in a row, while Minnesota tapered off a bit at the end of the season and Favre looked mortal. But he’s had a few weeks off and won’t be effected by the cold weather in this indoor game, and the Vikings still have Adrian Peterson. I’ll take the Vikings, 23-17.

Jets @ Chargers
I could go on and on about how the Jets run the ball and stop the run, and how great Darelle Revis is, and how Sanchez is really playing within himself and not making mistakes … but come on. We all know I’m picking the Chargers. 30-10.

Ravens @ Colts
I do love me some Ray Rice, but there’s no way I’m picking against Peyton Manning. Not even close. Colts win, 28-17.

So yeah, I'm taking the four home teams. Whatever.


  1. AAH, we picked the same teams again. Dave, what if we go 0-8? Should we hang ourselves?

  2. no way we're going 0-4 this week. i'm confident we'll get at least 2 right.