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Sawyer-centric as expected.

First, the flashsideways.

Continuing with the cycle of "everything is completely f-ed up in this new timeline," Sawyer is a cop who arrests con-men. (Didn't I predict that last week?) His partner is Miles (pretty cool), and he goes on a blind-date with Charlotte (was hoping I'd never see her again).

Sawyer's a genuinely good guy in timeline B, which is cool. But he still has a deep secret about this "sawyer" guy and is still bent on revenge. These flash-sidewayses kind of feel like rewinding the show 4 seasons. Really, we're going to talk about Sawyer's revenge problem, again? Didn't we do that 10 times already.

At one point Miles mentions that his dad works with Charlotte at the muesem. So Pierre Chang is still alive? That's the second mention of a character in timeline B without showing them directly (last week, Alex mentioned her mother - Danielle).

Miles also mentioned that he has a girlfriend. Could that be someone of importance? Juliet perhaps, or Naomi maybe?

Sawyer runs into Kate at the end of the episode, which was annoying, but also potentially important. Not in an of itself, but because of the ways these flash-sidewayses keep bringing the original "Candidates" together in LA.

Jack's about to meet with Claire regarding his dad's will. Claire is friends with Kate, who's know with Sawyer. Locke works with Ben and indirectly for Hurley, and Sayid just found Jin in a freezer. Now we've just got to link the Sayid-Kwon group to the Jack-Claire group to the Locke-Ben group and everyone could be in the same place at the same time. Then Jacob could show up, and tell everyone about the other timeline, and when they don't believe him he could do something Jacob-y and then they would all have to believe him, and then we go from there. Not out of the question, right? Uhhh.. right ...

ANyway, on the island, Sawyer and Jin are hanging out in the Claire camp, waitin for Flocke's return. Flocke shows up with Kate and 20 Temple Others, and tells Sawyer, oh by the way, I'm the Monster.

So Sawyer rows over to Hydra island, where Ajira 316 landed, and finds all the bodies dead, and one girl named Zoe pretending to be the sole survivor. Of course, she was full of crap, and working for Widmore, who was hanging out in his sub.

So the question is: who killed all the Ajira people, Widmore or Black Smoke Locke? My guess: 80% Flocke, 20% Widmore.

Widmore meets with Sawyer and Sawyer cons him like he cons everyone; then Sawyer cons Flocke moments later and sets up a battle between the two powers, and his plan is to escape on the sub with Kate while Flocke and Widmore duke it out, Enemy of the State style. Kind of.

Couple problems with Sawyer's plan:

1. Why would you want to go anywhere with Kate you idiot!!!?

2. Flocke is no dummy. Something tells me Widmore and his people are in trouble.

While Sawyer was out on his recon mission, Claire tried to kill Kate, but didn't, and then Flocke reprimanded Claire, which was weird. Kate cried, Flocke consoled her, sort of, and it was all kind of strange.

The one cool conversation was when Flocke revealed a bit more about his past, telling Kate that he, like Aaron, had a crazy mother, and her crazyness led to some "growing pains." Yeah, becomming the monster, for example. This conversation in no way changed my theory that Flocke IS Aaron, but actually strengthed the theory.

Claire apologizes to Kate and hugs her, but I can't tell what Claire is really supposed to be thinking or feeling, but Emilie de Ravin is such a putrid actress and I can't even understand half the words she says.

This was another set-up episode but it did raise a few decent questions for the next few weeks.

-Who killed the Ajira people?
-What's locked in the sub that Widmore didn't want Sawyer to see?
-What is the history between Flocke and Widmore?

I'm hoping that soon enough we'll find out who was shooting at the canoe that Miles, Sawyer, Juliet and crew were in last season. We still don't know about that right? I'm guessing it was Sawyer and Kate. Maybe? Ehh, who knows.

I'll be honest, I'm pretty tired of LOST this season. Timeline B sucks.

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