Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Package

Okay, so here's how I imagaine the conversation went:

Damon and Carlton: "Hey guys, great work last week with Ab Aeterno! It was one of our best episodes ever, the fans loved it! As a reward, we decided to give the entire crew of LOST the week off, and we contracted some high school kids to write and produce the next episode! Our only stipulation was that it's a Sun/Jin episode and they show Desmond in the last ten seconds. Enjoy the vacation!"

And behold, we the fans were stuck with the unbearably unoriginal 'The Package." As Crazy Keith pointed out, the episode reeked of Season One - we had Sun planting tomatoes, Jack diagnosing people, the Kwons' troubled romance, and the clincher: Jack trying to make someone feel better. We even had the most pointless plot twist in LOST history: Sun suffers from aphasia and forgets how to speak English. Terrible.

In the flash-sideways, we were left wondering how many times Keamy has to die before he stops appearing in the show, and how many times Sun's dad is going to ruin her life before it stops being surprising (wait, it was never surprising). The big 'shocker' was that Sun and Jin weren't married in the F.S., but if you paid attention in the Season Six premiere you already knew that (the guy at the airport called Sun 'Ms. Paik,' and they weren't wearing rings on the plane). So basically, we got to see Mikhail again, and oh yeah, Sun got shot, (but I'm sure she'll be fine) and she's pregnant.

On the island, Widmore's crew shot little darts at everyone in Locke's camp and then took Jin over to room 23 - where Carl was being brainwashed in season 3. Jin is led to Charles Widmore and showed pictures of Ji Yeon, his never-before-seen 3 year old daughter. You've got to commend Jin for keeping his part of the Kwon story emotionally charged and really carrying the team; Sun sucks. Widmore tells Jin that the reason he came to the island is to make sure the Man in Black never leaves the island, because if he does the world as we know it will cease to exist. I assume that's why Widmore has been trying to find the island for years, but then why all the obsession with killing Ben if he knew that Smokie was the real problem? When Jin asks how they're going to stop Flocke, Widmore says it time to see the Package.

Cue the suspense.

My guesses were that The Package was either Desmond or Aaron, and a small chance for Walt.

And right at the end of the episode, the high schoolers fulfilled their stipulation and showed the "uniquely and miraculously special" Desmond Hume, from the perspective of swimming Sayid.

So that's pretty much it. Oh, and Richard's plan is to destroy the plane so Flocke can't leave the island. However, Jack's idiotic plan is to board the plane and fly away. Jack, you're a moron.

Next week is called 'Happily Ever After,' and is almost sure to be a Desmond episode based on the preview. I hope it is for two reasons:

1. Desmond episodes are always awesome. He's an interesting character and a GREAT actor.
2. It delays the inevitable and horrible Hurley episode for at least another week.

Alright, well happy Easter everyone. peace out and go pacman jones.

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