Sunday, August 29, 2010

August 29 Power Rankings

With just 10 days til opening kickoff, here are my late August NFL Power Rankings.

1. Indianapolis Colts.
It's a league dominated by quarterbacks, and they have the best one. And he has the most weapons he's ever had. No stopping Peyton this year.
June prediction: 12-4. August prediction: still 12-4.

2. Dallas Cowboys.
They could easily have six Pro Bowlers on offense and six more on defense. Talent galore. Biggest concern is a tough schedule.
June prediction: 12-4. August, 13-3.

3. New England Patriots.
I think Tom Brady still has one more great season in him, and Welker appears to be 100%. That should mean double digit wins once again, despite a sub-par defense.
June: 12-4; August: 12-4

4. Baltimore Ravens.
Injuries in the secondary are the only thing that kept me from ranking them #2. Three All Pros on defense and at least five Pro Bowlers on offense.
June: 13-3; August: 12-4

5. Green Bay Packers
Aaron Rodgers is an elite fantasy QB, but this may be the year he comes an elite 'real-life' QB and the Pack start out 10-0. He's my MVP pick.
June: 13-3; August 13-3

6. Minnesota Vikings
Rice's injury hurts, but he'll be back for the playoff push. My main concern is Favre. Will he revert back into the turnover machine? I think, yes.
June: 11-5; August 10-6

7. Houston Texans
This is the year it finally clicks on both sides of the ball, and they'll make their first postseason.
June: 11-5; August 11-5

8. New York Giants
Flying under the radar with a great (and much improved) defense and a very strong offensive line plus three solid receivers.
June: 9-7; August 10-6

9. San Francisco 49ers

They've got the best offense AND the best defense in their division.
June: 9-7; August 10-6

10. Miami Dolphins
The Jets' offseason got all the hype, but Miami's addition of Brandon Marshall was more important than all the Jets' moves combined.
June: 10-6; August 10-6

11. Atlanta Falcons
Not crushing on Matt Ryan as much as I was in June, but still think they'll win the surprisingly weak NFC South thanks to a much improved defense.
June: 11-5; August 10-6

12. San Diego Chargers
Still the best team in the AFC West thanks to Rivers, but losing your franchise LT and WR due to holdouts is terrible.
June: 11-5; August 9-7

13. New Orleans Saints
Even if Brees doesn't get struck down by the Madden Curse (which he will), I still don't think they'll win 10 games. Just not enough defense.
June: 8-8; August 8-8

14. Pittsburgh Steelers
Okay, I got them figured out. The defense is awesome. No question about it. Behind that logic, the Steelers will start out 3-0. Everyone will freak out. No one saw it coming. Ben will return, play a few games, and then get seriously injured. Remember, this is one of the NFL's worst offensive lines, and Ben holds onto the ball way too long, plus I bet there are a few defensive players who would love to take a cheap shot at the bastard. It'll be beautifully ironic. Sweet poetic justice. But the defense will carry them to a winning record nonetheless.
June: 9-7; August 9-7

15. Washington Redskins
Balanced on both ends, but neither unit will be dominant. McNabb doesn't have enough weapons. 90+ catches for Cooley.
June: 9-7; August 8-8

16. Philadelphia Eagles
I love Kevin Kolb and the offense, but hate Ernie Sims and the defense. Expect a lot of barnburners.
June: 6-10; August 7-9

17. New York Jets
Should still be a good defense, though not as good as it was a year ago. The offense will miss Faneca more than they realize.
June: 9-7; August 8-8

18. Cleveland Browns
They'll run the NFL's best Wildcat and will be massively improved on defense.
June: 7-9; August 7-9

19. Carolina Panthers
Love their offense, hate their defense.
June: 5-11; August 7-9

20. Jacksonville Jaguars
Average offense, average defense.
June: 6-10; August 6-10

21. Oakland Raiders
Could be a playoff team if it wasn't for the offensive line.
June: 6-10; August 7-9

22. Tennessee Titans
Chris Johnson is aiming for 2,500 yards this year. At least he doesn't have to worrying about resting in the fourth quarter, because this defense is going to be brutal.
June: 5-11; August 5-11

23. Kansas City Chiefs
See #21, Oakland. Except KC's defense is not as good.
June: 6-10; August 6-10

24. Cincinnati Bengals
When you bring Ochocinco, TO and Pacman together, at least you know you'll lead the NFL in obnoxious hype.
June: 6-10; August 6-10

25. Chicago Bears
If they hadn't added Julius Peppers, they would be ranked much lower. He's worth 3 or 4 wins alone. June: 7-9; August 7-9

26. Seattle Seahawks
Pete Carroll no longer has a competitive advantage, since ALL pro teams pay their players. Seattle just doesn't have enough talent.
June: 7-9; August 7-9

27. Arizona Cardinals
Speaking of a lack of talent, how bout that Cardinals defense? As Matt Leinart continues to struggle, look for Beanie to run wild behind Alan Faneca.
June: 6-10; August 5-11

28. Detroit Lions
Well, it's been a good preseason. Suh looks awesome. Stafford surprisingly looks very accurate. The secondary has been predicatably woeful. Jahvid Best looks great. Calvin looks motivated. The linebackers look below average. No reason not to stick with my June prediction.
June: 5-11; August 5-11

29. Denver Broncos
I predicted 4-12 in June, and that was BEFORE they lost Elvis Dumervil and his 17 sacks. Brutal. One of the worst offseasons in NFL history.
June: 4-12; August 3-13

30. St. Louis Rams
Losing Donnie Avery is a minor blow to the offense, but he would have been the #2 receiver on the depth chart soon anyway. Laurent Robinson is legit.
June: 7-9; August 5-11

31. Tampa Bay Bucs
Same story as last year: total lack of talent, total lack of coaching, but they'll be a little bit frisky.
June: 4-12; August 4-12

32. Buffalo Bills
Least talented and most poorly coached team in the NFL, with the most depressed fans. And with the #1 overall pick in the 2011 draft, the Toronto Bills will select ... Andrew Luck.
June: 1-15; August 1-15

That's it for now. GO LIONS.


  1. I'm not seeing Denver as 3-13... Sorry. I know you hate McDaniels, Tebow, and Colorado in general, and I think that bias shows in your proposed record. I see them as 6-10.

    I'm also in the camp that Chicago will be last in the North this year, at 4-12. I also think Rams are going to still not be great - 2-14 or 3-13. As we saw with Stafford last year, adding a QB doesn't instantly equal 3 or 4 wins. Maybe one or two.

  2. you're probly right about denver. i hope not.

    you could be right about chicago too. their two games against detroit will be key. they don't have many other winnable games.

    i love the rams. bradford is good!