Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Thoughts on Super Bowl and some other stuff

Sorry I've been slacking lately and haven't written anything on here. To be honest, I'm not really that excited about the Super Bowl. I have this dreadful feeling that the Giants are going to pull off another upset and Eli is going to considered a first ballot Hall of Famer by the end of February. This morning, John Clayton said that if not for Brees and Rodgers, Eli would have been the league's MVP this year. Really??? With a 9-7 record and the 7th best QB rating in the league? With fewer yards, TDs, and fewer wins than Stafford? Not to mention Tom Brady?

I'm okay with saying Eli was a top 8 MVP candidate this year, but clearly there are at least 4 quarterbacks who had better seasons, and Calvin, McCoy and Ray Rice belong above Eli in MVP voting as well. What Clayton said was basically like someone on Fox News saying, "If you don't count Romney, Gingrich and Santorum, Rick Perry could be the next President."

You can't just discount Rodgers and Brees. That makes no sense. Whatever.

By the way, I am officially on the Ron Paul bandwagon, even though the GOP nomination is between Frankenstein and Susan Boyle. (aka Romney and Gingrich)

Speaking of people who look like Newt Gingrich, have you seen this? Haunting.

Anyway, here's the Super Bowl pick.

Patriots (15-3) @ Giants (12-7)
Line: NE by 3

Patriots have won 10 straight; Giants have won 5 in a row. But the Giants road to the championship (Atlanta, @Green Bay, @San Fran) was a billion times more difficult than New England's (BYE, BYE, home against Baltimore who missed a 32 yard field goal which would have forced overtime). Gronkowski has a high ankle sprain, the Giants D is completely healthy and playing better than they've played in years, and Brady is coming off one of his worst playoff games ever. Oh, and the Pats secondary looks as bad as ever, giving up their standard 300+ yards to a mediocre quarterback last week.

I see New England coming out fast, with a smart gameplan of quick passes and screens designed to counter the Giants' vaunted pass rush. Giving Belichick two weeks to prepare usually leads to some high-scoring first halves. Brady should get his groove on early, and the Pats will be up 24-13 at half.

But Coughlin has a knack for adjustments and New England's defense has a knack for collapses, so I expect the Giants to come back, slowly but surely, until there's 4:00 left in the 4th quarter and Eli leads the 90 yard drive to tie the game at 34. Then, Brady drives down, stalls in the red zone, and the Pats kick a field goal with too much time left. Up 3 with 1:15 left, New England kicks off, and Victor Cruz does the rest, as the Giants easily march down the field for 7 and leave Brady with just 20 seconds and trailing 37-41. The hailmary falls incomplete, Eli collects his second title in Peyton's house, and I throw up in my mouth.

Giants 41-37.

In other news, the Tigers got Prince Fielder, Peyton Manning's career in Indy is over, and I seem to be the only person who cares about the NBA this season. Both of my fantasy basketball teams are kicking butt.

I'm considering my annual 50 Best Players in the NBA list, but it's still a work in progress.

Go Timberwolves.

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