Wednesday, February 15, 2012

NFL season recap

Nailed the Super Bowl pick of Giants by 4, even though the game didn't play out exactly how I thought. But I was pretty close: 'Patriots go up, Eli comes back, Pats D is terrible, hailmary falls incomplete.' Funny this, in retrospect, was neither team deserved to be in the Super Bowl. Ravens-49ers would have been much better. The Giants were a 9-7 team in a crappy division, and the Pats' defense was akin to the 2008 Lions. Kind of a dumb ending to a great season.

Can't wait for the April draft (otherwise called the RG3 lovefest), the revival of Tebowmania, the Lions trying to fill some holes in free agency, a weird season of fantasy football where there's more great tight ends than running backs, the rookie campaigns of Luck and Griffin, and of course, the start of the 2012 season. Right now my Super Bowl pick is Texans v. Packers.

I'm even excited about the 'Where Will Peyton Manning Play?' saga.

I finished this season 137-128-10 against the spread (51.7%) , and 179-86 straight-up (67.5%).

Pretty awesome straight-up, but I was 54.1% last year ATS, so a little disappointed there. Two years ago when I picked straight-up I also went 67%.

Also, since I began doing picks, I am 3-0 ATS (and 3-0 straight-up) in Super Bowls.

Working on a Top 50 NBA list which nobody cares about ...
Also uber-excited about the Tigers.

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