Monday, October 12, 2009

Another solid week

Week Five did not go so well for the Lions, but I had another good outing picking the games. The Monday Night game is underway, and pending the results I'm either 9-5 or 10-4. Here are the results:

Vikings vs. Rams
Prediction: Vikings by 22
Actual: Vikings by 26
Analysis: The Rams are horrible, but with the rumors that they could soon be purchased by Mr. Rush Limbaugh, things could get even worse. When you've won just five games in the past three seasons, the last thing you need is a divisive owner stirring up negative media. Best option for the Rams is to move to a different city if you ask me, and we might not be far from that happening. The state of Missouri is 0-10 in the NFL and just got swept out of the baseball playoffs. Ouch. Oh, and good job to the Vikings. Old Brett Favre is now 5-0. Winning cures all.

Eagles vs. Bucs
Prediction: Eagles by 16
Actual: Eagles by 19
Analysis: McNabb returned from his injury and looked fine. Better than fine, actually. He played great and the Eagles (my pre-season Super Bowl pick) continue to impress me. Beating Tampa isn't a big deal, but smoking them 33-14 is impressive.

Carolina vs. Washington
Prediction: Panthers by 28
Actual: Panthers by 3
Anaylsis: I figured the Panthers would pick up their first win, at home, against the crappy Redskins. But I didn't think it'd be this close. Jake Delhomme is just terrible, but on top of that the running game, which was unstoppable a season ago, is falling apart. Neither of these teams have a whiff of a chance of making the playoffs. And the Jim Zorn Job Watch is definitely underway.

Lions vs. Steelers
Prediction: Steelers by 21
Actual: Steelers by just 8
Analysis: Whatever.

Giants vs. Raiders
Prediction: Giants by 20
Actual: Giants by 37
Wait a second ... the Giants won by 37?? Holy crap.

Dallas vs. Kansas City
Prediction: Cowboys by 7
Actual: Cowboys by 6
Analysis: KC is frisky for an 0-5 team, and Dallas is quite overrated. Miles Austin gained about 200 of his record-breaking 250 yards after the catch. The dude can flat out play and if he doesn't supplant Pat Crayton as the #2 receiver immediately, then I should be the Cowboys coach.

Falcons @ 49ers
Prediction: Falcons by 10
Actual: Falcons by 25
Analysis: I was nervous to pick Atlanta on the road, but apparently I should not have been. Is San Fran a tad overrated or is Atlanta just an outstanding football team? I think the latter. New Orleans didn't win this division just yet.

Arizona vs. Houston
Prediction: Cards by 7
Actual: Cards by 7
Ding ding ding.

Colts vs. Titans
Prediction: Colts by 9
Actual: Colts by 22
Analysis: Peyton Manning is playing as close to perfect as any player in the NFL. The Titans had no chance in this one. I feel bad for them being 0-5, but this game was just unwinnable for them. I hope they rebound and win one soon though; it's sad for them.

Ravens vs. Bengals
Prediction: Ravens by 14
Actual: Bengals by 3
I picked Baltimore just like everybody else and was wrong just like everybody else. Hasn't every Bengals game this year gone down to the final two minutes? Crazy. They are 4-0 since losing that week one game on the Brandon Stokley play.

Bills vs. Browns
P: Bills by 8
A: Browns by 3
Cleveland completed only two passes in this game... and won. I can't think about it ... moving on ...

Jacksonville vs. Seattle
Prediction: Jags by 3
Actual: Seattle blows them out by 41!
Analysis: I originially picked Jacksonville because I thought Hasslebeck was out and Seneca Wallace is a bit reckless and turnover prone. When I found out Hass was playing, I went on the blog to change my pick. Seemed like a no-brainer. But then I got cute and decided to stick with the Jags, and they made me pay. 41-0? Come on Jacksonville, that's embarassing.

Patriots vs. Broncos
Predicted: Pats by 14
Actual: Broncos by 3 in OT
Analysis: The game of the week lived up to expectations for sure. New England had it won in the first half and then Tom Brady just stopped playing like Tom Brady. He might just be the least consistent player in the NFL this year. New England is lucky to be 3-2. And Denver is monumentally, historically, biblically, extraterrestrially lucky to be 5-0.

So that's 9 games correct and 4 games incorrect, with the Jets up 13-10 at half. (I picked the Jets). Thus far on the season I am ... 41-17.
Plus this week: 10-4 or 9-5

For a grand total of: 51-21
or 50-22

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