Monday, October 5, 2009

Week four results and a revised MNF pick

Week Four Picks

This was a really good week for me. First, the ones I got right, starting with the closest scores.

Prediction: Colts by 17
Actual: Colts by 17

Prediction: Steelers by 10
Actual: Steelers by 10

Prediction: Patriots by 4
Actual: Patriots by 6

Prediction: Houston by 21
Actual: Houston by 23

Prediction: 49ers by 30
Actual: 49ers by 35

Prediction: Saints by 9
Actual: Saints by 14

Prediction: Redskins by 11
Actual: Redskins by 3

Prediction: Bengals by 14
Actual: Bengals by 3

Prediction: Giants by 24
Actual: Giants by 11

Prediction: Miami by 13
Actual: Miami by 28

Prediction: Bears by 14
Actual: Bears by 24

That’s eleven correct.

And … just two wrong.

Prediction: Dallas by 7.
Actual: Denver by 7
Denver continues to amaze and befuddle me and that Brandon Marshall play reminded all of us that he's still a great playmaker.

Prediction: Titans by 6.
Actual: Jags by 20.
The big whiff. For somebody who picked Jacksonville to make the playoffs you’d think I wouldn’t be so surprised when they play a great game. Garrard has found his favorite target and he has two last names. The Titans are looking miserable.

This week: 11-2, pending Monday night.

Which reminds me, I am regretting picking the Packers (by 4) and would like to switch to Vikings (by 10). I think AP is just too much for the Packers who lack a true run-stuffer in the 3-4 (Ryan Pickett is too small).

At 29-15 overall this year, this week puts me at either 40-18 or 41-17.

Go Lions, and enjoy the Monday night festivus of Favre against the Packers.

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