Tuesday, October 27, 2009

NBA season tips off tonight

The Celtics just beat the Cavs! The Central Division is the Pistons to control now!


here are the results from this week in the NFL:

New England vs. Tampa Bay
Picked: Pats by 13
Actual: Pats by 28
Comments: New England has won its last two games by a combined score of 94-7. Is it safe to say that they’re “back” yet?

Colts @ Rams
Picked: Colts by 28
Actual: Colts 38
Comments: As expected.

Green Bay @ Cleveland
Picked: Pack by 17
Actual: Pack by 32
Comments: Listened to this game on the radio on the drive from Pittsburgh to GR and was thoroughly impressed with the Packers from start to finish. Then listened to a bunch of Browns fans call in and complain and I felt very sympathetic. Good momentum builder for Green Bay as they head into the most anticipated game ever at Lambeau.

Minnesota @ Pittsburgh
Picked: Steelers by 6
Actual: Steelers by 10
Comments: Yet again, Pittsburgh wins a game thanks to the mistakes of their opponent. They were anemic on offense but got the victory thanks to some luck and two big plays on defense. I believe the Vikings were the better team in this one.

San Diego @ Kansas City
Picked: Bolts by 15
Actual: Bolts by 30
Comments: San Diego left little doubt that they can still be a playoff team. Beating the Chiefs isn’t that impressive, but winning by 30 is always impressive on the road.

New York Jets @ Raiders
Picked: Jets by 20
Actual: Jets by 38
Comments: Apparently Mark Sanchez was ridiculed for eating a hot dog on the sidelines during this game. He could have held a hotdog in one hand while playing quarterback and still outplayed JaMarcus Russell, who was pulled in the second half. Another complete embarrassment for Raider nation.

Atlanta @ Dallas
Picked: Cowboys by 4
Actual: Cowboys by 16
Comments: Miles Austin is definitely legit; consequently, I expect Roy Williams to fake a season-ending injury so he doesn’t have to embarrass himself. The ever-inconsistent Tony Romo strikes again.

New Orleans @ Miami
Picked: Saints by 11
Actual: Saints by 12
Comments: Listened to this one on the radio as well, and holy crap, what a game! New Orleans deserves credit for an amazing comeback, but it was the Dolphins who blew this one. Too much Wildcat if you ask me. Brees throws three INTs and still wins the game. He is scary.

Chicago @ Cincinnati
Picked: Bengals by 7
Actual: Bengals by 35
Comments: Caught the first half of this contest on the radio, and couldn’t believe how perfect the Bengals were on every single play, both sides of the ball. They were flawless. I’m saying it now, Cincinnati is a dark-horse Super Bowl contender. Jay Cutler is the unlikable, spiteful, un-cute version of Tony Romo.

Philidelphia @ Washington
Picked: Eagles by 13
Actual: Eagles by 10
Comments: Philly killed them and the score makes the game appear closer than it really was. Washington is a trainwreck.

Arizona @ New York Giants
Picked: Giants by 18
Actual: Cards by 7
Comments: Oh, I forget that Eli Manning is still a dope. My mistake. Also, this was the fourth Sunday night game in a row that I picked wrong. It's getting ridiculous.

San Francisco @ Houston
Picked: Niners by 6
Actual: Texans by 3
Comments: Alex Smith led a brilliant comeback from 21-0, but the Texans held on. Owen Daniels has established himself firmly in the elite echelon of tight ends.

Buffalo @ Carolina
Picked: Panthers by 20
Actual: Bills by 11
Comments: Jake Delhomme gets worse with each passing day (pun intended). If Carolina can’t win at home against Buffalo, they need to re-think some major personnel issues. Either that, or Ryan Fitzpatrick is unbeatable. I’m thinking it’s the first one.

Went 10-3 this week. 68-31 on the season. Not too shabby.

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