Tuesday, December 8, 2009


I had a baby yesterday. His name is Jack Isaiah Morgan - he is 6 lbs. 9 oz. and gorgeous and wonderful. See pictures on facebook.

As for week 13, there were two huge surprises: Oakland beat Pittsburgh at Pittsburgh, and New England lost to Miami in the classic case of one team wanting it more than the other. Neither of these games were foreseeable in the least, so that explains two of my picks. Other than those, I missed the Bears-Rams game (stupid) and the Thursday nighter. 12-4 is solid though. I totally nailed the Giants, Colts, Cardinals and Packers games, probably the four biggest games of the weekend. The most impressive team of the week was probably the Redskins, who came ever so close to beating the 12-0 Saints. If Shaun Suisham can make a 23 yard field goal, the Saints are no longer undefeated. (EDIT* I just read that the Redskins have cut Suisham and signed some rookie kicker. Hah). The Colts have had their share of luck, and so now have the Saints. I won't consider either of these teams better than the '07 Patriots for that reason. Unless they win the Super Bowl.
I'm happy with 12-4, which makes me ..... 124 - 64 on the season.


  1. Once again, congratulations.

    Now I must hang my head in shame, because the four picks I stood on record with were failures.

  2. haha that was kind of funny reading that in retrospect. i liked the input though.

    Jack was just circusized and did not enjoy it in the least.