Monday, December 28, 2009

week 16 results ...

Not a great week for me...

I picked the Titans to upset the Chargers and San Diego destroyed them, effectively kicking Tennessee out of the playoffs, ending Chris Johnson's MVP hopes and crushing the "From 0-6 to the Playoffs" storyline that we were all cheering for. San Diego is sort of the bully of the NFL that no one likes. It would be fitting if they eliminate Indy in the playoffs.

Picked the Colts and Saints and missed both games. Whatever. It's week 16. You never know what's going to happen. Although losing two straight is not a good omen for New Orleans. Losing to Dallas was a wake up call. Losing to Tampa is embarassing. And don't forget that they were a missed 33 yard field goal from losing to Wasington in week 13. Now they have to go play the hottest team in the NFC next week (Carolina) and might be missing Pierre Thomas. Not looking good for the Saints, who just might finish the season at 13-3 after a 13-0 start.

I also picked the Pats-Jags game incorrectly. That was a simple case of letting my emotions get the best of me. Having Brady as my fantasy QB in two leagues led me to become extremely frustrated with the Patriots inconsistent offense, and that clouded my judgment in what should have been an easy game to pick. Perhaps we shouldn't bet against New England in the playoffs. Defense be damned, I don't think anyone can stop the Moss/Welker combo and Maroney is finally running the ball well. New England just might be a potential sleeper in the playoffs. Weird.

Also missed the Panthers-Giants and the Texans-Dolphins, both of which I knew would be tough calls. The best story in those two games was the excellent play of Matt Moore, who might be a starting QB to keep an eye on next season. If John Fox had replaced Delhomme in week 3 instead of week 13, they might be looking at a Wildcard spot.

The rest of the games were pretty easy. I knew Pittsburgh would end up beating Baltimore, even though Baltimore outplayed them by a lot and the refs gave the game to the idiot Steelers about fifteen times. Pittsburgh is now gearing up for a playoff run and a healthy Troy Polamalu makes them the team no one wants to face. I hate life.

Cincy was barely able to beat KC, and I think we all know that they (Cincy) will be the easiest team to beat in the playoffs. Atlanta kicked the crap out of Buffalo, Green Bay brutally murdered Seattle, and Cleveland ran the ball 46 times against the uninspired Raiders, who committed 13 penalties.

The Cards and Niners easily beat the Rams and Lions, respectively, and the Eagles won their six straight behind another outstanding performance from McNabb. Dallas easily beat the Redskins, who have blatantly stopped trying, and tonight's Vikings-Bears game is such a foregone conclusion that I'm counting it as a win.

Making me 10-6 for this week ...
And ... after an 11-5 week 15 ...

Overall: 158-78.

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