Saturday, July 17, 2010

Answers to 20 NFL questions

I just read a column on (here's the link) which asks 20 burning questions for the upcoming NFL season and then proceeds to answer them. I was surprised that the list really did capture 20 of the most prudent and meaningful storylines of the offseason rather than just rehashing stupid drama about TO or Ochocinco, neither of whom were mentioned. The column was so good I decided to copy-paste the questions into this here blog and answer them myself.

1. Is Kevin Kolb ready for his close-up in Philadelphia?

Answer: Yes.... and no. From a talent standpoint I say yes, but from a mental standpoint, no, not quite yet.

2. Will Anquan Boldin be the No. 1 receiver that Baltimore has lacked since Raymond Berry retired?

Berry's best season in Baltimore was 1298 yards and 10 TDs; Boldin will top that.

3. Are the Titans holding their breath about Chris Johnson's threatened holdout?


4. Can the Redskins still move the unmoveable Albert Haynesworth?

It's too late. Nobody wants him, and for good reason.

5. Is Jason Campbell the next Jim Plunkett or Rich Gannon in Oakland or merely another Kerry Collins or Jeff George?

Somewhere in between.

6. Will "Medical Marvel" replace "Mighty Mite" as an apt description for New England's Wes Welker?

Great question. My head tells me no, my heart tells me yes.

7. Who's headlining Favre-apalooza this year?

I don't understand the question, but yes Favre will be back.

8. Will the Steelers be singing "Wake Me Up When September Ends" or is Ben Roethlisberger's suspension survivable in Pittsburgh?

Yes and yes.

9. Can the returning Mike Shanahan breathe competitive life into the NFC-East cellar-dwelling Redskins?

He'll definitely be an improvement over Jim Zorn.

10. Will the Cardinals follow Matt Leinart's lead from day one?

They will ... but by day 50 they'll be ready to march on with Derek Anderson.

11. Can Jimmy Claussen make Carolina's second-round investment look like a first-class move?

Absolutely he can, but not this season. That's why it's an "investment."

12. Are there enough cameras to capture all that Jets star power on HBO?

No; it will be very interesting to see who Tomlinson blames when they miss the playoffs.

13. Will the third time around be the charm for Pete Carroll in Seattle?

If by "charm" you mean 6 wins, then yes.

14. Was it Andy Reid and his West Coast offense that made Donovan McNabb Donovan McNabb, or the other way around?

A little bit of both, but moreso the former than the latter.

15. How pronounced will the Saints' Super Bowl hangover be in the city of hangovers?

Depends if you believe in the Madden Curse. I do.

16. Will Julius Peppers elevate the Bears' defense more than Jay Cutler did for the offense last year?

Well duh.

17. Will it be training wheels or a Superman sequel for rookie Tim Tebow in Denver?

I'm thinking more of a "human victory cigar" role. I can hear the Denver fans now: "Te-Bow! Te-Bow!"

18. Will Sam Bradford be a franchise savior or just another struggling St. Louis Ram?

It'll take a few years before he's a savior, but he won't be bad as a rookie.

19. Is Tom Coughlin light enough on his feet to coach on the bubble all season?

I think he's one of the best coaches period, but I don't think that's enough to get the Giants over .500.

20. Has there ever been a more unflappable NFL player than Detroit's Matthew Stafford?

Just kidding, I made that one up.

20. Did the Super Bowl-winning Saints provide the rest of the NFL with a blueprint for how to beat Peyton Manning and the Colts?

Yes, it's called "get Drew Brees."