Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Blogging a life draft

Blogging a life draft

12:54 PM I just joined a Yahoo league. 12 teams, standard scoring. The only difference is that return TDs are worth 6, so Cribbs and Hester have some value as do Reggie Bush and Wes Welker. I’m picking 5th overall. Knowing that AP and CJ will be gone, I’m hoping for Rice or MJD to fall to me, but expecting them not to. Do I take Andre with pick #5, or Turner, or a QB? Draft starts in 14 minutes.

12:52 PM So far I’m the only person in this draft room. Hmm…

12:53 PM The weirdest thing about this league is the scoring for defenses. 20 points for a shutout, 17 for 1-6 points, and 14 for 7-13 points, plus sacks and turnovers, but no scoring for yards. So how valuable are the Ravens or Steelers or Jets? Third round? I mean the Ravens are going to average 30+ in this league

12:55 The guy with pick 8 just joined and he’s already complaining that it’s unfair that he doesn’t get Chris Johnson. Some people are just such ass -clowns.

12:57 Oh, the other cool thing about this league is bonus points for every 50 yard interval. 100 yards rushing is worth a 2 point bonus, 150 is 4, and 200 yards is 6. Same for receivers. And QBs get a 2 point bonus at 300 yards, 4 points at 400 and 6 points at 500. I like that. All leagues should do that.

12:58 I think the bonus thing makes CJ just a little more valuable than AP, and also drops Randy Moss’s value significantly. It makes TD vultures less appealing too.

12:59 here we go …

1:01 CJ goes first, AP goes second, and the trade offers come flying in

1:02 Los Bandeleros just offered his 1,2,3 picks for CJ, to which Bill Allen said “NO f**ing way bitch.” I like this league already.

1:05 After TitanMania takes Jones-Drew third, I catch a break as Turner goes to 4 and I snatch Ray Rice without turning back. Love that Baltimore offense.

1:07 Picks 7 and 8 take Andre Johnson and Aaron Rodgers … my how the fantasy world has changed. Seems like just about everybody has the same thought process as me – take the 7 good running backs and then sit back and wait. Gore went 6; Steven Jackson still falling

1:08 Brees, followed by a shocker in Mendenhall. Reeally? Mendenhall over Steven Jackson??

1:10 Ryan Matthews just went thirteenth overall. He’s a rookie. He’s never played a down in his life. Wow. He just went ahead of Steven “2000 all-purpose yards” Jackson

1:11 Shonn Greene, Tom Brady, Steve Jackson, Peyton Manning, Reggie Wayne all go in a span of 30 seconds

1:12 Three picks til me and I’m looking at Marshall or Roddy White

1:12 Moss and DeAngelo just went, I’m next

1:13 Miles Austin goes – pretty smart pick. Okay, Marshall or White? White or Marshall? Uh, screw it.

1:14 I just took Calvin Johnson.

1:14 He’ll have some crap games, but also some explosions and I like him in the bonus yards scoring system. I’ve seen Calvin rank as high as 2 among WRs, some fantasy xperts really like the pieces Detroit has surrounded him with.

1:16 The guys are arguing about who’s goin to the super bowl. I threw out my Ravens prediction and took some flack. But Heavy Hitterz likes the Bears and Niner Nation likes, of course, the Niners. So I’m waay closer than those two morons.

1:17 Oh, so Ryan Grant, Fitzgerald, Rivers, and ELI MANNING just went. Yes, Eli went in the second round. Looks like I might get Marshall or White after all.

1:18 The first Steve Smith off the board is of the Giants variety.

1:20 I lucked out as Jamaal Charles and Colston (HA!) went right ahead of me. I took Marshall, and just cemented a core 3 guys who will each have 1000 yards and 8 TDs. Next I gotta look at QB – hoping Romo will slip to me but doubt it.

1:22 Just about everyone’s in here and the picks are flying off the board – Roddy White, Romo (dangit), Schaub, Vincent Jackson (idiot), Dallas Clark (too soon), and Sidney Rice. And there goes DeSean Jackson, and Boldin, and Ced Benson. I’ve still got a while. Looks like I should go RB and wait on a QB.

1:23 Favorite team name – Dirty Sanchize

1:24 There goes Beanie Wells – laughably bad pick this early when you could have gotten a handful of identical RBs. If no one stands out at the position you want, just take a different position. Best player available was not beanie.

1;27 Ronnie Brown and McCoy just went, and then Gates. I’m up next. Liking me some Felix Jones and thinking I’ll wait on a QB – and take either Flacco or Ryan in a couple rounds. Fortunately the guy ahead of me is taking his entire 2 minutes so i can think.

1:29 And… he took Vernon Davis. Wow.

1:30 I went with Felix. This league only starts 2 WRs instead of 3, otherwise I might have stretched for Carolina Steve Smith or Sims-Walker or Ochocinco. But I thought Felix was considerably better than the rest of the RBs on the board (Addai, Moreno, Forte…)

1:32 More picks flying … Ocho, Addai, Harvin, Favre, SteveSmith, Moreno, Celek, and Matt Ryan. Terrible pick with Celek. Once the top 2 TEs are gone, just wait it out people. They’re all the same. Jermichael Finley, Brent Celek, Jason Witten, it makes no difference. The Favre pick was bad too.

1:33 Shoot I’m up.

1:34 I took Flacco cuz with 15 picks until my next pick he was not coming back to me (he was third QB on autorank board) and I needed a QB now that I have RB RB WR WR

1:34 only problem is I now have Flacco and Rice. Don’t let me down Ravens!!

1:36 My WRs are Calvin and Marshall – studs. Next pick I’ll just go best available and continue to wait on TE, which means I’m looking at a sleeper like Ben Tate or Jerome Harrison or Mike Wallace. Lots of picks to go before im up again.

1;38 I hate when guys complain that “you took the guy I wanted!” Get over it, take someone else. There’s never a shortage of good options. Unless the guy did it purposely to spite you, which is often the case with crazy keith.

1:40 I’m up in a few. Lots of decent guys just went – Best, Spiller, 3 TEs, Jacobs, Portis, Jets D, Welker, Garcon, and 5 decent but not stunning WRs… mike Wallace still falling

1:42 I’m up. Okay, there’s no obvious tight end, and a glut of solid WRs, and im up again in 8 picks, so I’m looking RB . Ben Tate, Ricky Williams ….but I’m actually gonna go with Jerome Harrison. I like Tate but not fifth round. Don’t even know if he’ll play. There should be a quality WR for my next pick, there were a lot of good choices

1:43 I might actually grab a D cuz of the weird scoring .. Ravens & Steelers are not comin back - 4 Ds already gone

1:46 Went with Pittsburgh DST for two reasons: one, Baltimore went right before me, and two I was going to take Pitt anyway cuz I already had 2 Ravens and dont want to over-raven myself. Don’t think I can miss as long as Polamalu stays healthy. They’ve got to step it up defensively to make up for Bens suspension and I think they will.

1:47 I passed on WR because there were 4 or 5 options that were similar, and frankly I liked some of the options down the list a little more … Mike Wallace, Aromashadu, Driver, Dez Bryant, Braylon … all good #3 WRs especially in a league where you only start 2 WRs.

1:47 but in a normal 3 WRs league, I woulda went with Wallace instead of the Pitt D

1:49 one of the guys in the league is PISSED that McNabb just went right before him. Umm, if you don’t have a QB yet that’s your problem, and why did you want McNabb so bad anyway. His response to the pick was “WHAT the fu*k you mother FU*KER! he was MINE!!” Wow, didnt know mcnabb could encite that kind of anger in anyone. except of course terrel owens.

1:51 I’m up and of course Mike Wallace went one pick in front of me … Went with Dez Bryant who I don’t think is much of a step down from Wallace. love those cowboys.

1:52 Breaston and Cooley and LT and Eagles D and Maclin and Maroney just went .. gotta love a run of 6 straight bad picks. I’m almost up again

1:52 All the quality TEs are gone so rather than take Visanthe I’m gonna wait til the very end and get whoever is there .. stockpile on RB and WR for now. OK im next

1:54 went with Reggie Bush I’m ashamed to say, not that I would ever do this in a normal league but he wasn’t coming back to me, and the 6 points for return TDs plus the big-yard bonus make him worthwhile. I don’t think Pierre stays healthy for what its worth so this could be a good pick

1:55 dangit. I cant believe I just took Reggie Bush … i hate myself.

1;57 11 TEs have been drafted now, which probably means none will go from here on out. So I’m safe to keep putting it off. Maybe I’ll take a bckup QB in case Flacco struggles? Flac’s bye is 8, that’s late enough that I’m not gonna worry about finding the right guy for that week .. someone will get hurt or emerge before then

1:57 a few QB sleepers left .. Henne, Sanchez, Moore .. but I should be able to get one of them after the draft as a free agent so I’ll stick with Flacco and draft RB and WRs that will otherwise go elsewhere

1:58 I’m liking Aromashadu if he stays

1:58 otherwise Donald Brown

2:01.. some dork just took his second TE in dustin keller … I am up. with 8 picks between this pick and the next I’ll likely get Brown AND Aromashadu.

2:02 just took Aroma ...the #1 WR on a mike martz offense ... I now have 4 WR 3 RB and 1 QB plus my DST

2:02 the benches in this league are 8 instead of 5 … makes for more depth. Love it.

2:02 four picks left and Donald Brown still 3 down on the RB list … how can the Colts potential starting RB fall to the 10th round???

2:03 I love how fast this draft is moving .. I’m up … and just took Brown, largely because Malcolm Floyd (the other guy I was considering ) went just in front of me

2:04 how does Floyd fall to the 10th round? He’s only the #1 WR on san diego. I don’t care if he’s good or not, how can he not be productive?? (to be fair, Gates is the #1 "receiver" while Jackson is out, but still, Floyd has got to be better than a 10th round pick … I mean Austin Collie just went, come on

2:06 HAA funniest pick of the day … Roy Williams just went! He’ll be great as the cowboys sixth receiving option Ha Ha Ha HA HA

2:06 My team so far : Flacco, Rice/Felix, Calvin/Marshall, TE to be named later, Steeler D , and bench of Jerome Harrison, Dez Bryant, Aromashadu, Reggie Bush, and D Brown. I think I’m all set on WRs since it’ll be hard to ever take Calvin or Marshall out of the lineup. with 5 rounds to go, and 1 has to be kicker, I’ll take a QB, TE, K, and 2 RBs?

2:09 Still lots of potential bargains and studs on the board – several are rookies. Demaryius Thomas, montario hardesty, dexter mccluster, basically all the guys with awesome names

2:10 oh, and Tashard choice, the perfect handcuff for Felix

2;11 but can I pass on julian Edelman, otherwise known as 5 weeks of having wes welker

2:12 im on the clock … edleman… Choice… Edelman… Choice….what a difficult “choice”

2:12 I chose Choice

2:13 six running backs oughta do it for now

2:14 checking out the tight ends … and they look EXTREMELY bleak. Fred davis, Todd heap, Brandon Pettigrew, who do I feel lucky with … yikes … ill keep waiting until its too late. None of these fools are going anytime soon

2:17 managed to grab Edelman in the 13th round! Possible kick returner which could be added value. Now I gotta go TE QB K in the next 3 rounds … although there’s no QB worth drafting when the rest will become Free agents. Henne is gone. Maybe I should take another D? maybe another WR cuz there’s so darn many I still want. Hard to pass up chaz Schilens for matt moore.

2:19 the guys just arranged a Jonathon Stewart for Greg Jennings trade. What a ripoff for niner nation who is losing a top 10 WR for a barely top 20 RB. Especially in this yardage-based league, stewart has even less value and Jennings has even more. Terrible trade for niner nation, but great one for los Bandeleros

2:20 all the kickers are flying off the board now. Why would you EVER take a kicker in anything but the last round

2:22 im next . took Schilens. So I have 6 RBs and 6 WRs. Sue me.

2:23 took cleveland’s ben Watson with second-to-last pick. Likely will drop him before week 1 and play the matchup, though if memory serves me the browns play tampa week 1 so that might work. Biggest flaw of this draft was waiting on TE until now. Wont do that again. I missed the run in rounds 7-8 where I coulda grabbed a cooley or a witten. oh well, that’s why this is a practice draft

2:24 with my last pick and mandatory kicker, I will take … Sebastian Janikowski, because 50+ are rewarded with 6 points and I like his week 1 matchup @ Tennessee who has a terrible defense. Will likely drop Sebastian after week 1 unless the raiders offense looks good. Which is possible.

2:27 ok,well.I have just 1 QB in Flacco, which is not ideal, but I’m high on Flacco (super bowl MVP) and there are plenty of poential backups in free agency. I got GREAT RBs in Rice, Felix, and 4 potential stud sleepers – Harrison, Don Brown, Bush and Choice. The Choice/Felix combo will be great, especially if one guy gets hurt. Two top 10 WRs in Calvin and Marshall and they'll be my starters except on byes and Revis weeks, and decent depth with Edelman (who will likely be dropable after week 5), Dez Bryant, Aromashadu and Schilins. Lots of sleeper WRs but few sure things. That was a mistake. Should have mixed in a Derrick Mason reliable guy. Terrible TE with Watson but I love the Steeler D. possibly arranged a trade with los banderlos to give him Jerome Harrison for hines ward. He’s got no RBs. That’s the reason I draft 6 WRs and 6 RBs – you can trade them without a worry. Now I just gotta find someone who will trade me their TE.

2:28 with Flacco/Rice I’m either winning this league or finishing last. Go Ravens!

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