Monday, November 15, 2010

best fantasy football team ever

check out my opponent's awesome team.

BTW - depending on how michael vick plays tonight, I will either go 10-2, 11-1, or possibly 12-0 in my fantasy leagues. Hoping for the elusive perfect week.

that makes me pretty happy because my spread picks SUCKED
maybe i should go back to picking the games outright?

that would have at least helped me get two more wins - the Colts & Bucs.

blah. The Lions suck. at least stafford wore a foreward facing hat and not a backwards one.


  1. That team is epic... I'm pretty sure Kyle Orton singlehandedly outscored them.

    I don't know if you picking games outright would help you too much. It's still basically a 50/50 split - either you're right or you're wrong. Sure, you would have picked up the Colts/Bucs games, but also (I assume) have lost the Dallas game.

    Maybe a hybrid picks system is in order? Here's one thing I'm thinking of doing next year: Four picks for each game - My Outright Pick, My Spread Pick, and My Coinflip Pick, and My Mascot Pick (who wins in a fight between a bear and a viking? a bear... duh)

  2. freaking Vick.
    he did enough to win me one league and get me killed in the other. I went 11-1 though.

    good point about the picks. i surely would have lost the cowboys pick.