Friday, April 15, 2011

Amukamara to the Lions?

This just in: two of the Internet's most prominent NFL Draft experts have recently mocked Prince Amukamara to the Detroit Lions with the #13 pick. For you non-draft-obsessed fans, Amukamara is a 6'1" cornerback from Nebraska with unbelievable coverage skills and great strength and a real possibility to be the next Darrelle Revis. Amukamara is widely considered a top 10 overall prospect, and probably should be higher than that. For Detroit to get him at #13, some things will have to go out way.

Firstly, some teams in the top 10 will have to waste picks on players the Lions have no interest in. This should include at least 2 quarterbacks (Gabbert and Newton), and hopefully a third (Locker to either the Redskins or Vikings), as well as at least one receiver (A.J. Green) and hopefully a second (Julio Jones to either the Redskins or Browns). Hopefully at least one other team will make a 'WTF' pick, like when Jacksonville selected unknown Tyson Alualu last year with the #10 pick.

If those things go according to plan, it will leave Detroit with a good chance at Amukamara. There are two teams ahead of us who pose a big threat: Dallas, and Houston. The rumor is that Jerry Jones does not want to take Amukamara, and might spend the #9 pick on right tackle Tyson Smith from USC. But do you really trust anything Jerry Jones says? Then there's Houston, who desperately needs to upgrade the secondary, but also needs to revamp the pass rush in the move to Wade Phillip's new 3-4 defense. A lot of experts think he'll want a pass-rushing specialist like he had in DeMarcus Ware, and will select either Aldon Smith or Akeem Ayers, or maybe even Kerrigan or Houston or Reed, or Bowers or Quinn if they freefall. (There are millions of options at OLB.)

If both Houston and Dallas pass on Prince, Minnesota is the only team in our way. They need a cornerback, and will have Amukamara high on their board. They'll pass on the myriad of defensive lineman and linebackers, and they'll wait to address offensive line. For them, it will be between Amukamara (if he's still on the board) and a new franchise quarterback. With Gabbert and Newton gone, that will mean Jake Locker. New Vikings' coach Leslie Frazier has declared his intention to find a new quarterback, but that doesn't necessarily mean a first-round pick. Although maybe it does. A lot of experts believe they will select Locker, assuming he doesn't go 2 picks earlier to Washington.

It's a lot to wonder about. The Draft is 13 days away, and I'll post some kind of final Mock Draft as we get closer. There are a lot of factors at play, especially trades, but the chances that Detroit gets their guy are looking ever sos slightly better. To quote the despicable Rebecca Black, We We We So Excited.

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