Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Last Recruit

On the surface this episode wasn't overwhelmingly great, but it did advance a lot of plot-lines and help set-up an epic confrontation in the next few weeks.

To recap: Jack-tribe merged with Flocke-tribe, Widmore sent his girl to ask for Desmond back, and Flocke politely refused. Sawyer led all the candidates+frank to the sailboat to sneak over to Hydra island, and idiot Claire tagged along. Jack jumped ship and went back to be with Flocke, then almost died but didn't. Then Jin and Sun were reunited (!!!) but that was short-lived as Widmore's crew became angry for no apparent reason. Then Flocke said to Jack "you're with me now."

Oh, and in the flash-sideways, Jack met Claire thanks to Desmond, Ilana was a layer, Sawyer flirted with Kate and arrested Sayid while Sun and Locke were taken to the hospital, where Sun creepily recognized Locke as "him." (?) Jack started to operate on Locke and may have experienced the beginnings of his "wake-up" experience.

A few thoughts ...

-Too much Claire.
(she is SOOO horrible at acting)

-Too much Kate.
(her character just sucks)

-The ending was serious lacking a decent cliff-hanger

-I liked the way the flash-sideways didn't focus on just one character, but moved all the plots steadily along. I still don't like the flash-sideways, but I have this feeling that when LOST ends, we're all going to want to re-watch the season 6 because then we'll really understand what the flash-sidewayses are. It's got something to do with 'making a deal' with Flocke.

-Did Sayid really kill Desmond? (Duh. Of course he didn't.)

-Jack is "the last recruit." Although, not really, because he only jumped off the boat to stop Flocke.

-Sun and Jin reunited, and you would sure think they would have been slightly more excited to see one another. I'm thinking about how I would react if I couldn't see Alie for 3 years and spent the entire team looking for her, and then saw her, on a beautiful tropical island standing in the water no less ... I'm fairly sure I would do a lot more than run up to her and hug her and say I love you. I'm thinking more like ... scream and jump up and down and cry hysterically and completely hyperventalate and breathe really heavily and run around and scream some more and tackle her to the ground ... and if I were Sawyer, and I spent the past 3 years hanging out with Jin every day and was constantly hearing about how much he missed Sun, I think I would have been a whole lot more excited. I know Sawyer has a heart of stone, but seriously, couldn't he have smiled or gotten a little more involved in the moment.

I don't blame the actors, I blame the writers. This scene should have lasted 10 minutes and involved everybody. A giant group hug. This could have been the single most emotional scene in LOST history, maybe television history, and instead it probably wasn't even the most emotional scene in this episode.

Other than that, really not much to say about this episode. No new stuff was really introduced at all, except that Jack is apparently on Flocke's side now, which I'm sure isn't really the case.

Flocke answered the question about being Christian Shepherd, which is interesting but I was already pretty sure that was the case.

I would describe this as a definite "set-up" episode, which means there's a 98% chance that next week is going to be flipping awesome.

My guesses for next week (entitled The Candidate):
-Widmore dies, and the battle shifts from Widmore vs. Flocke to Losties vs. Flocke
-Claire dies, no one cares
-Frank dies, even less people care
-Sawyer dies, everyone sobs
-Zombie Sayid dies when Flocke realizes Des is still alive
-Sun and/or Jin die(s)
-The plane and/or sub blows up
-Miles, Richard and/or Ben return, at least one of them dies

So yeah, I am anticipating a huge week of action and death. And I think the flash-sideways will be pretty awesome too, with some wake-up moments taking place and possibly Juliet.

NFL Draft is tonight. I better start practicing the spelling of 'Ndamukong.'

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