Wednesday, April 28, 2010

NFL Power Rankings

Here are the April 30th batch of power rankings.

1. Colts. Better all-around offense gives them the edge over New Orleans.
2. Saints. Best team in the NFC by a mile, but the madden curse could destroy them.
3. Chargers. My AFC super bowl pick.
4. Ravens. No team has a better combination of QB, RB and WR.
5. Patriots. Still got Brady and Belichick.
6. Jets. They will be the 'sexy' pick from now til September.
7. Packers. Expect lots of high scoring games this year.
8. Vikings. Will Favre be back?! Will Favre be back!!? AhhhhHHhhhhHHH!!
9. Eagles. I just buy into what they do year after year and think the nfc east has gotten worse.
10. Steelers. Still have an elite front 7 on D and the best defensive player in the league.
11. Falcons. I think they'll have a nice bounce-back year.
12. Dolphins. The addition of Marshall might make all the difference.
13. Cowboys. Romo has a glut of weapons to work with: 5 good WRs, 3 good RBs and 2 good TEs.

14. Bengals. They'll take a mild step backwards but still have a rock in Palmer.
15. Redskins. Mike Shanahan is one of the few actually really great coaches in the league.
16. Texans. Another brutally average season.
17. Jaguars. Ditto.

18. Giants. They seem to be deteriorating a little, especially on D.
19. 49ers. Could win the division at 7-9.
20. Seahawks. Ditto.
21. Cardinals. Ditto.
22. Titans. Can Chris Johnson carry them to the wildcard this year?
23. Bears. Still hate Cutler, but Peppers will help a lot.
24. Broncos. Let's see how little talent we can try to win with.
25. Panthers. All the makings of 6-10.
26. Browns. The best of the horrible teams, Delhomme at least has experience.
27. Chiefs. Let's see if Jamaal Charles can be a fantasy monster again.
28. Rams. At least they have Steven Jackson.
29. Lions. After this season I think we'll all realize that Calvin Johnson is no longer a stud.
30. Raiders. Welcome to hell Jason Campbell.

31. Bucs. You heard it here first -Gerald McCoy will be a bust.
32. Bills. CJ Spiller can't keep them from moving to Toronto.

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