Tuesday, April 20, 2010

LOST Thoughts: 5 more episodes

**EDIT** I wrote this yesterday before The Last Recruit aired. ***

With just five episodes remaining, including tonight - The Last Recruit - I thought it seemed an appropriate time to rehash where we are, where we've been, and what to anticipate in the next five weeks. I've tried to dig back and recall every lingering mystery or unanswered question and decide which issues will definitely be addressed in the final five episodes, and which may or may not be left unanswered forever.

Let's start with the issues that will definitely be covered:

-Adam and Eve. Their identities will definitely be resolved. I still guess Bernard and Rose.
-What is the Smoke Monster? Jacob and Smokey's pasts will be revealed, including the mystery of the Man in Black's mother.
-The Rules. What are they, who made them, why do they exist.
-The Flash-Sideways. What the heck is the connection?
-What is the deal with Jack's cut on his neck?
-Where is Christian's body?
-The dead Ajira folks. Who killed them, Smokie or Widmore?
-The canoe shooting from last season. Who was shooting at them?
-Which Kwon is the Candidate, or is it both?
-Aaron. What happens if he is 'raised by another?'

Okay, and here are the list of things which I think could go either way. Maybe resolved, maybe not.

-Walt. Why was he considered special? Chances of an answer - 60%
-Who is the mother of Jack's son? Chances of answer - 75%
-Libby's weird past. Chances of answer - 5%
-Rose and Bernard. Will we ever see them again? Chances of seeing them again - 80%
-Vincent. Will we see him, and will Vincent ever reunite with Walt? 70% and 20%
-Ben summoning the monster in that weird room. Chances of explanation - 35%
-Jacob's Cabin - who was actually in there? Chances of answers - 70%
-Why didn't Sun flash out of Ajira 316 into the past like Jack, Kate, Hurley and Sayid did? Is it because she isn't a candidate? Chances - 65%
-The Numbers. Will we find out anything more about them? Chances - 40%
-Ben's childhood friend Anna - Chances of revisiting that topic - 1%
-The Hurley Bird. Remember that Bird that said Hurley's name? Chances - less than .001%
-Why can the island heal people from paralysis, cancer and infertility? Chances of answer - 40%
(I think most people have stopped thinking about this)
And the clincher that just about everyone has forgotten about, which could still hold the key to the entire show: why did Jack wake up in a thick forest, instead of on the beach, in the opening seconds of season 1, episode 1? Does that make any sense at all?

In addition to questions to answer and mysteries to solve, there are also plot lines that must be moved forward. Here is the comprehensive list of what still needs to happen in LOST, plot-wise.

1. Sun and Jin reunite. We thought it would happen half-way through last season. I thought for sure it would happen in the first episode of season 6. Surely they won't wait too much longer. I think it's either tonight or next week. (EDIT - it happened last night and was a little bit anti-climatic)

2. Some major characters die. It's inevitiable. I think at least 3. And by main characters, I don't mean Claire, Frank or Miles. I mean people who have been integral to the show since at least season 2. Ben, Richard, Sawyer, both Kwons, Sayid and Hurley are all up for grabs. Basically, everyone except Jack is not safe.

3. Resolve the whole 'Candidate' business. This will probably be tied together with Jacob and Smokie's pasts, and the rules, and the general mystery of the Island.

4. Wrap up the Flash-Sideways. And do it quickly.

5. We see Juliet again. She'll meet up with Sawyer in the flash-sideways. That's a guarantee.

6. Happy ending. It would nice if the closing moments of the very last episode could have a happy feeling, and not a sort of time-loopish feeling that nothing was resolved other than saving the world from Smokie. Newsflash to LOST producers: Jack + Kate does not qualify as a happy ending. NO ONE likes Kate. At least someone other than those two has to have a happy ending or else I'm going to feel a little bit miserable when all is said and done.

7. Super awesome surprise. Many of the greatest Holy Crap! Moments in LOST history occured in season finales. Walt being taken off the boat. Explosion of the hatch. Reveal of flash-forwards. The island moves. Locke is dead. We find out Locke is actually Flocke. This season has to end with a shocker of that magnitude. I can't even guess what it will be ...
Well, I guess I can guess.

One theory I've always liked is that Aaron is the Monster.

Or, real Locke comes back to life. (There is no measure to how much this would piss off my mother, who would interpret it as an anit-Christian act of witchcraft and not just something that happened in a TV show).

Another popular theory is the time-loop. The show ends exactly how it began, with Jack waking up in the jungle. I HATE this idea. And I don't think it's going to happen, because it's a little too predictable.

Here's another possible ending: the new generation of Losties (Aaron, Walt, Clementine, Ji Yeon, Desmonds' kid Charlie) arrive at the island and start all over. Sort of like the time-loop idea, but much better.

A couple other thoughts:

Only one cast member of LOST has admitted that he knows how the final moments of LOST will look, and that's Matthew Fox. A possible clue that Jack will be the way the show ends. (Duh, we already knew that anyway).

Also, LOST co-creator Damon Lindelhof said "there will probably be people who say it’s the worst ending in the history of television." Hmmm ... great.

Okay, so here's my totally unpredictable and awesome and potentially infuriating prediction on the final scene of LOST will look:

Jack and Hurley are sitting on the beach, staring out at the ocean. They look at each other, smile and nod. Hurley stands up, says, "Dude, I'm gonna get a beer, you want one?" Jack says, "Sure, thanks Hurley."


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