Monday, April 19, 2010

My Mock Draft

With the NFL Draft just 3 days away, everybody and their brother is conducting a 'mock draft.' Indeed, the mock draft process has become more exciting than the draft itself. Never mind who was picked, who should have been picked is the question. It's madness and inexplicable but I guess I'll play along.

Mock Draft- Picks 1-40

#1 - St. Louis Rams
QB Sam Bradford
I'm 90% sure.

#2 - Detroit Lions
DT Ndamukong Suh
I'm 85% sure. And 100% excited.

#3 - Tampa Bay Bucs
DT Gerald McCoy
When you have as many needs as Tampa does, you have to go best player available.

#4 - Washington Redskins
OT Russell Okung
They got McNabb, now they need to protect him. No brainer.

#5 - Kansas City Chiefs
OT Trent Williams
Which means 3 of the top 5 picks are from Oklahoma.

#6 - Seattle Seahawks
OT Brian Bulaga
Chance of a trade here (Buffalo leapfrogs Cleveland to grab Clausen), otherwise Seahawks desperately need an OT and will take the best one available.

#7 - Cleveland Browns
S Eric Berry
This is Mike Holmgren's pick to make, and I think his ego prevents him from taking Clausen, believing that he can win with Delhomme. Best player available is Berry.

#8 - Oakland Raiders
OT Bruce Campbell
Al Davis is all about the Combine, and Campbell was not only the fastest OT, but also one of the most gigantic. This isn't actually a terrible pick.

#9 - Buffalo Bills
QB Jimmy Clausen

If they pass on him, he'll fall like a rock. My opinion is they either need a QB or an OT and the defense can be left alone; with 4 OTs off the board at this point Clausen is the only choice.

#10 - Jacksonville Jaguars
CB Joe Haden
I think they have to either go DB or WR with this pick; Aaron Kampman addressed a huge need at DE and now their focus should be on stopping Andre Johnson and Reggie Wayne in the AFC South. Haden has the skill-set to be a shut-down corner.

#11 - Denver Broncos
LB Rolando McClain
They'll pass on WR Dez Bryant because Josh McDaniels hates divas. They need to address the linebacker position. McClain is a great pick here.

#12 - Miami Dolphins
DE Jason Pierre Paul
He's really a DE/OLB hybrid and would probably play OLB in the 3-4. He has the versatility and athleticism that Bill Parcells loves. And they addressed their biggest need with Brandon Marshall last week.

#13 - San Francisco 49ers
S Earl Thomas
They want an OT badly, but they pick again at #17. So the question becomes - who will still be there in 4 picks? With Seattle right after them, it depends on whether Seattle got an OT with the 6th pick, because that's Seattle's biggest need too. If they didn't, they'll be picking one at #14, which means San Fran has to jump on the best OT available - Anthony Davis. If Seattle got an OT at pick #6, like they did in this mock, than San Fran can wait a few picks for their OT and will settle for the best player available to this point, which is Thomas.

#14 - Seattle Seahawks
RB C.J. Spiller
A perfect fit for the team with the NFL's worst running game.

#15 - New York Giants
DE Derrick Morgan
Another no-brainer. He's an elite pass rusher, but I think he may fall to #15 because so many teams are in the 3-4 scheme and will pass him up.

#16 - Tennessee Titans
DT Dan Williams
Fills the gap left by Haynesworth and helps them rebuild their defense.

#17 -San Francisco 49ers
OT Anthony Davis
See #13.

#18 - Pittsburgh Steelers
WR Dez Bryant
They love to get skill position guys in the first round, and will be lucky to find Holmes' replacement with the 18th pick. They probably SHOULD get a CB or a OT, but I think they'll nab Bryant if he's still there.

#19 - Atlanta Falcons
DE Brandon Graham
They need to upgrade their pass-rush, and the former Wolverine is the best DE left on the board.

#20 - Houston Texans
CB Kyle Wilson
They'll pass on their glaring RB need and draft a potential shutdown CB to replace Dunta Robinson. Because they, like the rest of the AFC South, need to be able to stop Peyton Manning.

#21 - Cincinnati Bengals
S Taylor Mays
They have needs all over the place, but I think an athletic safety with 4.2 speed might be too hard to pass up. Especially considering the Bengals' track record of drafting USC Trojans.

#22 - New England Patriots
LB Sergio Kindle
Most likely, they'll trade this pick as they always seem to. But if not, Kindle fills the need of a pass-rusher from the 3-4.

#23 - Green Bay Packers
OT Charles Brown
Good grief! The Packers gave up zillions of sacks last year and this draft is extremely deep at left tackle. They can wait to address the secondary until the next round.

#24 - Philadelphia Eagles
G Mike Iupati
Just an hour ago, I learned that the Lions traded Ernie Sims to Philly (for nothing in return.) No clue why, but hopefully they'll do something soon to explain. Sims fills in a big need for Philly and now they'll address the O-line.

#25 - Baltimore Ravens
TE Jermaine Gresham
Gives Flacco another passing option to compliment Boldin. This is no longer a team built on defense.

#26 - Arizona Cardinals
ILB Sean Weatherspoon
Kind of a no-brainer if he falls to them; they need an inside linebacker to replace Dansby and he's the perfect fit. They also need a QB to replace Warner, and I don't think Derek Anderson is the guy.

#27 - Dallas Cowboys
C Maurkice Pouncey
Jerry Jones needs to make as little noise as he can at the draft (in leiu of his recent comments), and Pouncey is the perfect fit for an offensive line that needs some size.

#28 - San Diego Chargers
CB Devin McCourty
They'd like to find a replacement for LT, but it's more imperative to replace the departed Antonio Cromartie in the secondary. McCourty is a bit of a steal at pick 28.

#29 - New York Jets
DE/DT Jared Odrick
Definitely a steal at #29. The Jets need someone who can get after the quarterback, and Odrick is the best player left on the board.

#30 - Minnesota Vikings
QB Colt McCoy
Because the Vikings don't have any other dire needs, and Favre is a grandfather (true story), and McCoy would have at least a year to develop.

#31 - Indianapolis Colts
OT Rodger Saffold
Yet another OT flies off the board, because Indy doesn't have many other needs and protecting Manning has always been priority #1. They could use a DT too.

#32 - New Orleans Saints
DE Carlos Dunlap
A major steal for the Champs if he's still here; he's got top 10 talent, but he's a numbskull.

#33 - St. Louis Rams
DT Terrance Cody
He's huge and can stop the run and win some battles in the trenches, which is one of the many things the Rams need.

#34 - Detroit Lions
RB Jahvid Best
Okay, we've got a few needs here. Running back, cornerback, and offensive line (LT, RG). If Wilson or McCourty falls to #34, I think we'll go CB, but I don't think that will happen, unfortunately. I doubt the Lions will take the 10th offensive lineman off the board when they can take the 2nd running back. Question is, will it be Best or Ryan Matthews from Fresno State, who many expect will be taken in the first round? For sure, at least one of them will be available at #34, maybe both. Matthews is quite a bit bigger, but Best is more of a "home-run threat," which I know the Lions' management is looking for. Plus Matthews has some injuries in his past. We need speed at the RB position. I think the pick is Jahvid Best.

#35 - Tampa Bay Bucs
WR Golden Tate
They need to replace Antonio Bryant at wide receiver. Also, they need someone to throw the ball to him, and 5 guys who can block, and about 10 new starters on defense. But they're set at kicker!

#36 - Kansas City Chiefs
S Nate Allen
They've been trying to repair the defensive line for a few years now, and should spend some money on the secondary this year.

#37 - Philadelphia Eagles
DE Jerry Hughes
Best player available at this point.

#38 - Cleveland Browns
DT Brian Price
I don't know what Shaun Rogers' future is, but it'd be wise for the Browns to start replacing him now.

#39 - Oakland Raiders
DT Linval Joseph
After getting a physical freak on the O-line in the first round, Oakland will get a physical freak on the D-line with this pick. Never mind if he can play or not. Al Davis wants to see height, weight, and speed. Joseph fits the bill at 6'4'', 320 lbs and a 40 under 5 seconds.

#40 - San Diego Chargers
RB Ryan Matthews
They'll be ecstatic to find LT's long-term replacement here at pick #40. If this mock draft holds up, Matthews is my early vote for rookie of the year.

Okay, that's enough for now.

Go Lions.

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