Thursday, September 9, 2010

Fantasy Freaking Football

The games kick off tonight. Well, one game does anyway. Saints/Vikings.

In the A league, I'm cheering against Colston and Shiancoe.
Nothing going on in the B league.

In Yahoo league 1, I'm cheering against Brees, Shiancoe, and the Vikings kicker.
In Yahoo league 2, I'm cheering FOR Brees and Colston.
In Yahoo league 3, I'm AGAINST Brees, Favre, Harvin, Meachem, and Longwell (this is a 2 QB league).
In Yahoo 4, I'm completely uninterested.
And in Yahoo 5, I'm merely rooting against Jeremy Shockey.

In ESPN league 1, my rooting interests are for the Saints kicker but against the Saints defense.
In ESPN 2, I DON'T like the Saints kicker, but I do like the Vikings defense.
In ESPN 3, it's yes for Adrian Peterson, and no for Pierre Thomas and Brett Favre.
In ESPN 4, I like Peterson again but I dislike Reggie Bush.
And last but not least, in ESPN league 5, I will cheer for the Vikings kicker while rooting against Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma. Wait what?

So to recap, the only player I can safely cheer for is Adrian Peterson.

This will be interesting.

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