Friday, September 17, 2010

Gunther Cunningham - why don't you shut up

just read this article

it's an embarassment to my intelligence that Cunningham would say this.

i cant rattle off 10 defensive ends who are better than kyle vandenbosch without even breaking a sweat ...

1. mario williams
2. jared allen
3. dwight freeney
4. julius peppers
5. justin tuck
6. aaron kampman
7. trent cole
8. richard seymour
9. will smith
10. robert mathis

and when you consider that at least 12 teams run a 3-4 defense, think of all the OLBs (who are technically DEs) who are better than vandenbosch

1. demarcus ware
2. james harrison
3. clay matthews
4. elvis dumervil
5. lamar woodley
6. calvin pace
7. tamba hali
8. brian orakpo
9. terrell suggs

that's at least 19 pass rushers who are better than vandenbosch right now. and that's by no means an exhaustive list. heck, KVB tied for 108th last year in total sacks. everyone on this list had twice as many sacks as him. vandenbosch had the same number of sacks as San Fran DT Ray McDonald, a third-string player who made only 8 tackles all season.

look, kyle is a pretty good defensive end considering he's 31 years old and white and only mildly athletic. but for Lions defensive coordinator gunther cunningham to call him the: "Best football player i've ever been around" is nothing short of a flagrant attack on my intelligence.

gunther coached derrick johnson, who has 126 career sacks, 9 pro bowls and was a first ballot hall of famer. vandenbosch has 42 career sacks and has played in 3 pro bowls. no comparison. none.

i am so sick of gunther making these stupid comments. he's not fooling anybody. literally, there's not one single person who could read this article without thinking "what an obvious load of bull."

i know he's trying to psych the lions defense up. i know he's trying to establish KVB as a leader and a role model. good for him. but please, let the play on the field do the talking.

vandenbosch isn't even the best player on his own defensive line.

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