Sunday, September 13, 2009

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Hey! I just realized I now have six followers instead of four! I am moving up in the world!

I'll write a little something about week one and the Lions failure to play defense later on in the week, but for now just a quick recap of how my picks went thus far:

My Prediction: Steelers 27, Titans 13
Actual score: Steelers 13, Titans 10 in OT
Analysis: Tennessee actually deserved to win but missed two easy field goals. I couldn't believe how bad the Steelers running game was. But I got the game right, and that's all the maters.

Prediction: Saints 42, Lions 17
Actual Score: Saints 45, Lions 27.
Analysis: This one went pretty much as expected, but that didn't it any less devestating. Starting Stafford was a mistake; I said it many times before the game and I was right. The real problem is that he's not going to magically get better next week. The guy is simply not ready. I wish Schwartz would realize it, but it's too late to put in Daunte anyway. We are screwed. On a positive note, the Lions scored 27 points, which was ten more than I guessed. But don't get too excited about the offensive production; it was stellar kick-returning and two forced fumbles that got us most of our points. The offense was putrid, especially on third down. This game was torturous to watch, from both a real-life and a fantasy standpoint. (Drew Brees threw 6 TDs against me). Can't wait to watch AP run for 300 yards next week!

On to the other games I nailed:

Prediction: Atlanta 28, Miami 10
Actual Score: Atlanta 19, Miami 7
Analysis: Matt Ryan is a true stud. This is the start of a long season for Miami.

Prediction: Vikings 33, Browns 12
Actual Score: Vikings 34, Browns 20
Analysis: Hmm...I was pretty dang close on the Vikings score.

Prediction: Colts 25, Jaguars 21
Actual Score: Colts 14, Jaguars 12
Analysis: More defense than I expected, but Colts did win a close one.

Prediction: Eagles 31, Panthers 17
Actual Score: Eagles 38, Panthers 10
Analysis: Nailed this one dead-on. The only difference was Jake Delhomme was just a tad more horrible than I thought.

Prediction: Cowboys 17, Bucs 10
Actual Score: Cowboys 34, Bucs 21
Analysis: Got the game right; both offenses were better than I thought they'd be. That Tampa defense looked baaaad. They'll be a good team to pick on in fantasy matchups.

Prediction: 49ers 35, Cardinals 30
Actual Score: 49ers 20, Cardinals 16
Analysis: San Fran won by four; I guessed five. I'll take it.

Prediction: Seahawks 31, Rams 24
Actual Score: Seahawks 28, Rams 0
Analysis: Geez, I thought the Rams would at least have some offense. Drafting Julius Jones in the tenth round may have been the fantasy steal of the year.

Prediction: Packers 30, Bears 20
Actual Score: Packers 21, Bears 15
Analysis: Cutler was every bit as terrible as I thought and hoped he would be. Urlacher is out for the season. Good riddens! The Pack's 3-4 defense looked absolutely great.

Prediction: Patriots 52, Bills 13
Actual Score: Patriots 25, Bills 24
Analysis: Dang. Wow. What a lucky comeback. Brady started slow but finished with tons of yards and 12 completions each to Moss and Welker. I may have missed the final score by 38 but at least the Pats won.

Prediction: Chargers 34, Raiders 7
Actual Score: Chargers 24, Raiders 20
Analysis: Both MNF games were preposterous. But the right team won both. It would have been seriously messed up if the Raiders pulled this one out.

And ... onto the games I missed:

Prediction: Bengals 24, Broncos 20
Actual Score: Broncos 12, Bengals 7
Analysis: Broncos only won because of a very, very lucky play at the end. This one gets an *asterisk* next to it.

Prediction: Chiefs 16, Ravens 14
Actual Score: Ravens 38, Chiefs 24
Analysis: Wow. Really good game by Flacco. I don't think he'll keep it up. This is definitely the game I whiffed the most on.

Prediction: Texans 21, Jets 18
Actual Score: Jets 24, Texans 7
Analysis: I went back and forth on this one a hundred times. I picked the Texans mostly because of home-field and it being Sanchez's first start. Turns out the Jets defense was super crazy good. And Sanchez is definitely ready to be a pro.

Prediction: Redskins 26, Giants 16
Actual Score: Giants 23, Redskins 17
Analysis: Call me stubborn, but I still love the Skins and hate the Giants this year.

Final Score for the Week: 12-4.

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