Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Week One Picks

Week One Picks

I’ve been writing bits and pieces about the NFL for the past week, but things are changing faster than I can write. I was in the middle of writing about the quarterback competition and suddenly Stafford was named the week one starter. The season opener is tomorrow. I’ve got to pick the games for this to all be legitimate.

But first, just a few Lions thoughts. Starting Stafford is a mistake. He’s not ready. And we are going to get our butts kicked by the Saints. Stafford’s going to throw a couple picks, Drew Brees will destroy the Lions as well as my fantasy team, and we’ll lose by a score of … 17-42. The road to 0-32 begins.

As for the Steelers and Titans game on Thursday, the Steelers are going to win 27-13.

Dolphins @ Falcons
Atlanta wins 28-10.

Broncos @ Bengals
Carson Palmer is back. Cincinnati wins 24-20.

Vikings @ Browns
Favre. Favre. Favre. Oh, and Adrian Peterson. Vikings win 33-12.

Jaguars @ Colts
Game of the week. Colts win 25-21.

Cowboys @ Buccaneers
I have no clue. I’ll say Dallas wins 17-10.

Eagles @ Panthers
Philly is a better team. They win 31-17.

Chiefs @ Ravens
Flacco against Cassel. Hmm…. I’ll actually say KC wins 16-14.

Jets @ Texans.
Two of my favorite sleepers. Houston wins 21-18.

Redskins @ Giants
Eli Manning, meet Albert Haynesworth. Washington wins by a score of 26-16.

49ers @ Cardinals
Important game for both teams. I think San Fran wins a shootout, 35-30.

Rams @ Seahawks.
I have a hard time picking against the new Rams coach, but Seattle wins at home, 31-24.

Bears @ Packers
Sunday night. National TV. Jay Cutler gets waxed. Green Bay wins 30-20.

Bills @ Patriots.
Tom Brady is back and he’s angry. New England wins 52-13.

Chargers @ Raiders
Well this is as obvious as it gets. Chargers win 34-7.

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