Thursday, September 3, 2009


Hey guys. Sorry I haven't offered much writing lately. Work has been busier and busier and I've been more closely watched. Real life has been busier too. The NFL Season begins one week from tonight. The "B League" fantasy draft is tonight. Here are some random thoughts about random things:
-Brandon Marshall is so stupid. Why would the Jets or anyone want to trade for him?
-The Broncos coach is also stupid. He's quickly become my least favorite coach in the NFL. He's so cocky. Between him and Marshall, I don't see that situation working out well.
-The Tigers are awesome lately. I feel bad that I didnt' think they would win the division. Now they're looking great. Magglio is hitting unbelievably, and so is Guillen lately. I love Alex Avila. I hope Verlander wins the Cy Young but I don't think Grienke is going to lose it, not after his 1-hitter the other night.
-The White Sox have lost 10 of their last 12 or something like that. Nice of them to just die and give us the division like that.
-Too bad the Twins are on a crazy streak and are now a few games ahead of the Sox.
-I need a new job. My job is stupid. Middle-aged women can be so bitchy.
-The Lions last preseason game is tonight. They probably won't play the starters very much at all. Is Culpepper going to play despite the injured toe? Why the heck did he have to injure his toe right before the season? I have a bad, bad feeling about Stafford playing week 1. The score Saints 35, Lions 3 keeps flashing in my head.

I dont really have much else to say. I'm excited to draft Peterson with the first pick tonight. I'll write some sort of more exciting NFL Preview type of thing next week right before the first game. Peace.

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