Saturday, September 26, 2009

Studs and Duds: Abbreviated Version

So last week I predicted a lot of players to be fantasy Studs and a lot of players to be Duds. I was right in a lot of areas, and wrong in plenty others. But to be frank, I haven't had much interest in fantasy football this week. You'd have to see my fantasy rosters to understand.

I'm in two leagues that I care about, and have virtually no chance of winning any games in either league in the near future. My teams are a complete joke. I'm torn between Donald Brown and LeRon McClain as a STARTER this week. If either guy was a free agent, would you even bother picking them up? I doubt it.

The worst part is, I didn't draft terribly bad. I've been decimated by injuries (LT, Anthony Gonzalez, Jamal Lewis, Welker, Westbrook, and now Bowe) and by the good old RBBC (damn you Derrick Ward, I trusted you!) as well as just terrible performances (Brady in both leagues, Santana Moss, Berrian, Avery, Julius Jones). I have great tight ends (Cooley, Witten) and solid defenses and kickers, but that's it. I have no confidence that Tom Brady is even a top ten fantasy QB this year - especially with both Moss and Welker facing injuries.

So like I said, this hasn't been my favorite week to think about fantasy football. I'm projected to lose both leagues by double digit points, but that's an understatement. I know I'm not winning either league. I have no chance whatsoever. Isn't that just the worst, most helpless feeling? To have no confidence or hope in your team. Come to think of it, it's a lot like being a Lions fan. I've told my wife all week long, "This is my last year doing fantasy football. I'm done after this year. I hate it. It's so stupid." She doesn't believe it for a second. Neither do I. But still ...

Here are my quick, Saturday-night thoughts on this weeks STUDS and DUDS:


Joe Flacco.
I'm officially on the Flacco wagon. He's good, and the Browns are wretched.

Jason Campbell.
Had the best game of his career last year in Ford Field, and Ernie Sims is out.

Chris Cooley
Huge, huge game coming up.

Steve Smith, NYG
Mark my words: he will finish the fantasy season with more points than the other Steve Smith.

Drew Brees
I just have this weird feeling that he might have a halfway decent game against the Bills.

Jay Cutler, Devin Hester
They're hooking up this week.

Chad Ochocinco
The Steelers cornerbacks are average at best, and still no Polamalu.

Eddie Royal
Killed the Raiders last year.

All Your Chargers
That includes Rivers, Jackson, Sproles and Gates.

JerMichael Finley
Scores against the Rams.

Matt Ryan
Blossoming into a fantasy stud before our eyes.

LeSean McCoy
Whether Westbrook plays or not.

Zach Miller
Just a hunch.

Matt Forte and Steve Slaton
They'll prove why they were first round picks.

Ben Roethlisberger
He's in line for a big game.

Eli Manning
So is he, believe it or not.

Tim Hightower
Continues to keep Beanie Wells off the field.

Brent Celek.
Kolb won't be looking deep very often.

Michael Vick
He will lead the NFL in media coverage this week.

Saints, Texans, Bears, Cowboys
If you're looking for a 'sleeper' defense.


Kevin Smith
Dumb playcalling kills him again.

Willis McGahee
I speak from experience: Do not trust this man.

Cedric Benson
Don't trust him either.

David Garrard
I like Garrard, but not this week.

Pierre Thomas
He may be back on the field, but he won't be 100%.

Joseph Addai
People don't realize how tough the Cardinals are to run against.

Justin Gage, Brandon Marshall, Dwayne Bowe (if he plays), Bernard Berrian
Tough matchups against great cornerbacks.

Anyone on Tampa Bay, Seattle, Kansas City, or Cleveland
For obvious reasons.

Good luck to all this week, except for those playing against me. Not that they would need it ...


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