Monday, May 24, 2010

The End

I'm going to wait a few days to digest the finale and I'll have some thoughts up here at some point. My initial reaction is that I LOVED the show as a whole, really liked the finale episode, but didn't necessarily love the last 15 minutes. But I'm not sure yet. I'd be interested to hear everyone's thoughts on how it ended...?


  1. I thought it was amazing and poetic, to be honest. The Alt stuff was so touching and amazing, and in the last five minutes to flip the season like that? Very Lost.

  2. I don't think Cuse and Lindelof could have written a better finale. The emotions were high and the awakening scenes were just beautiful.

    It was also great to see a close to two recurring themes that have been throughout the entire series too, those of science vs. faith and "living together, dying alone."

    The finale was the last sound punch to these themes and the final shot was, for me, the perfect end to an incredible show.

  3. yeah
    yeah good points guys
    im starting to like it more and more
    i thought the first 2 hours were perfect
    but it switched gears kind of fast into "purgatory, what is going on?" mode
    but now in retrospect, the ending had to be that big in scope to match the show
    and the last shot was perfect on so many levels
    great finale

  4. I think now, a couple of days later, my favorite scene is when Desmond tries to tell Jack about the sideways...
    "none of this matters," Des says.
    "No, we don't get a reset. This is all that matters." - Jack.

    At the time, I was thinking that Jack was wrong again. But as it turns out, he's right. And I think that's an interesting thing to be left with - that it's our life here that matters, and is in fact, the only part that matters.