Tuesday, May 11, 2010

LOST thoughts

In light of tonight's episode, Across the Sea, being one of the all-time great episodes in LOST history, I decided to compile a list of the 15 best episodes since LOST kicked off 6 years ago. My first crack at this list consisted of almost entirely finales and premieres, so I've omitted those. Here's the list:

15. Cabin Fever
Starring: Locke

Why it was great: When it first aired this had potential to be one of the most important episodes ever, with all the reveals of Locke's destiny before he was even on the island. Now we know that all of that was just Richard being misinformed. (But then how did kid Locke draw that picture of the black smoke, huh writers?) On the island Locke meets Christian Shepherd (aka the monster) who is with Claire, in the cabin, and is told some pretty alarming news. "He wants us to move the island."

14. Ab Aeterno
Starring: Richard

Why it was great: This was the only non-finale, non-premiere that showed much about the pasts of Jacob and the MIB (until tonight), and also revealed everything we wanted to know about Richard's ageless past as well as the story of the Black Rock. And the key to the entire show - the island is a cork - was revealed as well. "You have to stop him from leaving the island. Cuz if you don't... todos nos vamos al infierno. We all go to hell."

13. Jughead
Starring: Desmond

Why it was great: Because the Losties started to piece together the time-flashes thanks to the brilliant Faraday, and because of the very cool conversation between Locke and 1950s Richard, and the reveal of young Widmore and young Eloise. And of course, because of Desmond, who is just awesome. "50 years from now, this island is still here..."

12. One of Them
Starring: Sayid

Why it was great: Classic Sayid at his best, torturing Ben Linus (Henry Gale?) and demanding answers: Is Henry an Other? Is he telling the truth What is going on?!? At then near the end, when Sayid, fully convinced that Ben is an Other, cannot convince Jack that Ben is an Other, Ben flashes the most devious smile at Sayid and creeps us out like no other. "How many shovels full of dirt! You would remember!"

11. Deus Ex Machina
Starring: Locke

Why it was great: To be honest, this episode would be a whole lot more popular if the title was in English. Maybe it should have been called 'Man of Faith' or The Beachcraft' or something. Locke is visited by a creepy bloody-Boone in a dream, they discover the Nigerian plane, Boone makes the discovery that there are Tail section survivors via the radio, Boone falls and ultimatly dies, and then at the end, one of the best moments in LOST ever: Locke bangs on the hatch door, yelling "Why did you do this to me!" when suddenly the hatch light goes on. "Teresa falls up the stairs ... Teresa falls down the stairs."

10. The Other 48 Days
Starring: The Tail Section

Why it was great: Well, in retrospect, it wasn't all that important; most of the Tailies died pretty quickly. But this episode revealed so much about the Others, about Goodwin and Ana Lucia and the tumultous journey of the tail-survivors, and culminated in the first death of a major character when Shannon was shot. "Nathan was not a good person. That's why he wasn't on the list"

9. LaFleur
Starring: Sawyer

Why it was great: At first watch this episode was just okay; but the more you think about it, the more vital it becomes to the scope of LOST that the gang joined up with Dharma in 1974 and how those events unfolded. We see the four-toed statue in this episode for the first time, we find out that Sawyer and Juliet are together, and then Sawyer meets up with his 3 friends - Jack, Hurley and Kate - after 3 long years without them. "It's 1977." "Uhhh ... what?"

8. The Man Behind the Curtain
Starring: Ben

Why it was great: Honestly this list could just be a list of all the Ben-centric episodes. Everytime he is the focus the episode is amazing. This episode was positively full of amazing reveals: Richard is ageless, Ben murdered the entire Dharma Initiative, Jacob lives in a cabin and may or may not actually be real ("Help Me..." and then at the end, Ben shoots John Locke in the kidney and nearly kills him. "I certainly hope he helps you, John."

7. Numbers
Starring: Hurley

Why it was great: Because it took the show 18 episodes to finally have a Hugo-centric episode, and they didn't dissappoint by revealing that he won the lottery using cursed numbers and is worth $156 million. "I am not ... crazy!'"

6. The Brig
Starring: Sawyer

Why it was great: Because of pure emotional power and the best acting performance EVER. Sawyer comes face to face with the man he has chased and hated for his entire life, and kills him in a gut-wrenching, tear-jerking scene that no LOST fan can forget. "You wanna go to hell? You wanna go to hell!!" This is the episode that made everyone love Sawyer.

5. Raised By Another
Starring: Claire

Why it was great: This episode was great for two reasons, neither of which has to do with Claire. Firstly, on the island this was when we learned that the Others were definitely real, and not to be messed with. And secondly, off the island was the flashback where we learn that Aaron will be 'surrounded by danger' if he is raised by another, which of course he was. I'm betting that in the finales of finales we'll be reminded of this episode. "One of them isn't in the manifest. He wasn't on the plane."

4. Orientation
Starring: Locke

Why it was great: John Locke, the man of faith, began pushing the button and saving the world, while Desmond ran around frantically, Jack pouted, and Jin yelled "Others! Others!" This episode was the center of the Jack - Locke rivalry. Also, the Dharma initiative was introduced. "See you in another life, yeah?"

3. The Shape of Things to Come
Starring: Ben

Why it was great: Because it stars the always amazing Ben Linus! We find out where Ben went after he turned the wheel - to Tunisia - and we see him kick some serious butt. On the island, Keamy kills Alex in one of the most dramatic scenes ever, and Ben enters the secret room and unleashes the monster. Meanwhile the beach folks find the dead doctor ... who hasn't died yet. And then in the flash-forward, Ben and Widmore face off in an epic, awesome scene. "I'm going to kill your daughter. Penelope, is it?"

2. Walkabout
Starring: Locke

Why it was great: This is widely considered the best episode in LOST, and certainly one of the main reasons the show took off. The character development of John Locke was done perfectly, and the stunning reveal - Locke is paralyzed! - was just perfect. Terry O'Quinn won an Emmy and it was because of this episode. "Don't tell me what I can't do!"

1. The Constant
Starring: Desmond

Why it was great: Aside from introducing the element of time-travel in a unique and mind-bending way, this episode featured two of everyone's favorite characters - Desmond and Faraday - in a dramatic race against time while Desmond was fighting for his life ... all while incorporating the best love story in LOST and the single best moment in the show. I can't decide whether to say "I love you Penny!"or "I'm callin' my bloody constant."

And just for the heck of it, here's are the ten worst episodes in LOST history ...

10. What Kate Does
Starring: Kate

Why it sucked: Because Kate escaped from an armed US Marshall using just a pen, because she hi-jacked a taxi and then became best friends with the girl in the taxi, and because everyone hates the flash-sideways and just wants to see what's happening in the real timeline.

9. Expose
Starring: Nikki and Paulo

Why it sucked: I didn't hate this episode as much as most people, although it was a complete waste of time, it was at least entertaining. But I sure am glad they killed N & P off as soon as they did.

8. The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham
Starring: Locke

Why it sucked: This is only on the list of worst episodes because it failed miserably to live up to massive expectations. I was anticipating a mega-shocker episode from start to finish, and got a very boring and depressing blah.

7. S.O.S.
Starring: Rose and Bernard

Why it sucked: Because it was an entire episode about Rose and Bernard.

6. Ji Yeon
Starring: Sun and Jin

Why it sucked: Because it deliberately decieved the audience for 55 minutes by making us think Sun and Jin were both in the Oceanic 6, and then revealed that Jin was actually dead. (Except he wasn't even really dead.)

5. Par Avion
Starring: Claire

Why it sucked: Because the plot was basically -Claire tries to use some birds to get everyone rescued, and it doesn't work. Also Claire can't act her way out of a paper bag, whatever that means.

4. The Other Woman
Starring: Juliet
Why it sucked: For a lot of reasons. Because we all hated Juliet at this point. Because this episode came directly after the Constant so it didn't have a chance in the first place. Because it was all about how Ben was obsessed with Juliet, which was never brought up again. Because nobody cared about Juliet's affair with Goodwin. And because of the intentional misleading and completely worthlessness of Faraday and Charlotte rendering the poisin gas inert. Just a big fat waste of time.

3. Eggtown
Starring: Kate

Why it sucked: This was the episode where every LOST fan collectively said, "Okay, that's enough Kate, I'm ready for Kate to die, I hate her, she sucks." She ran from Jack to Sawyer and back again all in 60 minutes and acted like a snob to everyone and wasn't convicted of murder even though everyone knew she was guilty just because her mom got to see her grandson and then forgave her. I didn't realize that forgiveness made people exempt from murder.
2. Adrift
Starring: Michael


1. Stranger in a Strange Land
Starring: Jack

Why it sucked: Because this episode served one purpose and one purpose only - to tell us the translation of Jack's tattoos. "He walks amongst us, but he is not one of us."
JACK: That's what they say. It's not what they mean.
Uh huh. Great. Thanks Jack.


  1. I cannot believe that "The Incident" is not on your top 20 BEST list. That episode had it all. Jacob, the incident, the shows directional change, the heart wrenching Sawyer and Juliet moment. Still gets me upset to this day. Sun and Jins death paled in comparison with Juliet falling down the hole.

  2. Ok I just read the first paragraph. But should have been on there.

  3. if i included the incident i would have had to include all the finales and then the top 6 would have been 5 finales and the constant

    but you're right, the incident was the best of the finales, solely because of the jacob/MIB conversation "you know how badly i want to kill you" and "you found your loophole" and juliet's death was indeed the saddest death in lost

    so yes you're right the incident was probably #1 all time

    but i think tonight might top it