Thursday, May 27, 2010

This is what I wrote in January...

"I don’t think Cleveland is a lock to beat Orlando, Boston, or Atlanta. And I know (LeBron's) teammates aren’t great, but that’s not an excuse anymore. If LeBron was actually as great as he thinks he is, he wouldn’t need great teammates. He would make them great. LeBron has spent the entire 2009 season with his head in the clouds, thinking about the 2010 offseason and the enormous $$$ offers he’s going to see from the Knicks and Nets and Clippers and everyone else, and I don’t think he has the focus and sheer competitiveness to sleepwalk through the playoffs the way he’s been sleepwalking through the regular season. I actually think that deep down he wants to lose in the playoffs, because then he has a legit reason to leave Cleveland next season. "

I also wrote that no one in the East could beat Boston.

So basically, I am amazing.

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